Thursday, May 03, 2007

| its not the end, but it feels like it is

It's not the end of the trimester. Heck, it's not even finals yet. But I feel like the end is near; an end that I look forward to and yet, don't want it.

contradiction is a gun and indecisiveness is the bullet

for all good things must come to an end
and bring a new cycle.. of good things.. i think

This semester, this.. trimester, year, whatever. Has been one heckuva roller coaster ride with many nose dives and loops going at 160kmh. One moment, there's a spear in my heart, and the next there's a person to tend to its wounds. One moment I'm annoyed and the next, I'm in love. One moment I feel so close to Him and the next, I'm the one who's holding the spear. Sometimes it feels that I'm still holding that spear. I'm sorry.

the old and the new

I wonder if I can do it or not. I wonder if I'm ready for it. It may seem like a small manner of responsibility compared to the others but in truth, I wonder if I'm ready to be the shepherd? Sure people joke about it, giving me blessings and grace, but seriously, can I do it? I wonder indeed but one thing's for sure, I'm sure gonna bring them for one helluva wild ride of my experiences of knowing Him.

sneak peak of the last day of Ish-ieness

She did a great job, I feel, as a shepherd. Constantly sms'ing and emailing everyone, even though she'll say she's bored and has nothing to do. Her innocent sarcasms and squeaky voice brings laughter to many and her heart is that of a mother (or grandmother). heh~

I'll stop here for now.

Will write a longer one when she uploads them pictures into her computer and sends them to me. For now, good nite peeps~

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