Sunday, November 04, 2007

| stranger than fictitious truth

It's 3.00am.

Gonna wake up at 9.00am.

Bus leaves at 9.45am.

Church starts at 11.00am.

A rough sketch for almost the entire aCt was done on Friday.

No aCt music practice for a week or so.

Focusing more on directorial work.

Sup paper's on Wednesday.

Studied a little.

DD's down and she's going to watch Stardust in MP.

She's going with anonymous1, anonymous2, and a good friend; anonymous3.

Wanna go too but the bigger picture's more important.

Hellgate: London and The Witcher is out.

Just finish watching Stranger Than Fiction

Good show, very much worth while watching - recommended.

Love the references to The Son of Man.

Posting four pictures in




when one knows when one is going to die
and yet dies willingly
one does not deserve to die

i like my training

if only you would..

cradling the sun

Says good night and God bless.

Goes off to bed.


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