Friday, November 23, 2007

| blessed wedding ana-chan!

Was what I wanted to put on the cake, but oh well. heh~ But first, two pics of pure randomization.

i've kept everything anyone has ever given me

twinzies!! kawaii~

Twas ah larvlay Tuesday night. Teh SeaEff maeting wos gowaing awn smauffly and afther dee maeting wae haeded awff phor saupper ait Saravaenan. Teh saupper baeing an oobvious dasguise phor celebrating Aena-chan's burfday. Shae twas happae aindaid.

two years old!!

feeeeed meeee~

Wednesday was a super hectic busy day that included a bald, fur-less Golden Retriever that sleeps in a very inappropriate manner. My mom says so too. Nonetheless, Gloria is still Gloria and she's still as cute and adorable as evahhh~ A nice cup of originality four espresso shots, six pumps of vanilla, hot latte does the trick pretty well indeed.

my mom chuckles every time Gloria sleeps like this

if you can read the 2nd paragraph smoothly, you have my respect~

Comes Thursday, the day of great joy; the day of CG. Though Ana-chan's burfday was yesterday, I just couldn't idly sit by and let such a thing be not celebrated. Thus, we had our bible study at US Pizza. lasagne al forno's real good by the way.

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese~!!! >.<

the gurls~

After the bible study and food eating was over, out came the cake - a simple, beautiful Vanilla Pudding Cake Thingy, with the name Ana-chan enclosed with kawaii hearts (courtesy of K.Lyn) written on it. Good ol' tradition of taking out candles with mouth as in order. Along with a good deal of talking and cake munching.

baker: her name got dash one arr?

wontdieone: ya prefer ana-chan or anastasia chan

baker: ana-chan it is~

Unfortunately, as if it was a strange twist of destiny entwined with the ebb and flow of a typical Catalyst CG meeting, we couldn't finish the whole cake. All that's left was slightly less than a quarter of the cake. Naturally cake smashing came.. naturally.

nose print~

So we headed to Ana-chan's crib to execute make sure she arrives safely. Ana-chan's spider-sense went on overdrive and before we could even start the sentence, she quickly grab the cream and started flinging it around wildly like one of those women from Chicago's Cell Block Tango, screaming at us for no apparent reason.

well.. she had it coming.. heh~

Well, I guess normally I'd put this on top of the post but.. it seems more suitable here. hehe~ So..


and for ur birthday present;

karren baby~

I hope and pray you'll continue to grow well in the Lord. Live in His light all the days of your life Ana-chan and may He shine on the road in front of you.

Good nite and God bless peeps~

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