Monday, September 17, 2007

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It's been far too long. There's much that I've kept walled-up in my heart, in my soul.

I went home. It was refreshing though the time spent there was short.

So I'm gonna bother flooding this post with words.

Instead.. I'm gonna flood it with pictures!! hahahhha~


comparison = malacca river

roasting feet

on my way home

foot hills of gunung ledang

lifehouse room

my grandma - strongest lady in asahan

favourite pass-time activity

haunted school toilet area

other haunted locations

on the pond

'the ring' moment

kid fell on his face a minute later

entrance to house from school


ladies and gentlemen, welcome to asahan

we'll be back, ah ma~

It was refreshing and it was good to see my grandma again.
Thanks God. Nites peeps~

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