Friday, September 26, 2008

| cheese in spore


I know some of the birthdays haven't arrived yet but just in case I'm late with the updates
Blessed Burfday Bryan, Marianne, Rachel, Joel and Soly!!

shoooo kiutt~

Now... here's a little Some Good Food® question-answer-thingy session for you guys.
Question: What do you do with..

Answer: Follow these steps;

No. 1: Shred it, slice it- just make it nice and fine

No. 2: Prepare spaghetti and some awesome beef's balls

No. 3: Prepare awesome Bolognese sauce with real tomato

No. 4: Spread cheese evenly on top and bake

No. 5: Once baked, acknowledge that God is good.. reeaaaal gooood~

No. 6: Dig in and torture your beloved friends with pics

With such awesome knowledge in mind, now you're ready to face the challenges of the world. Go forth and multiply. Buy a block of parmesan cheese and spread some love to your fellow brothers and sisters. Hehe~

'sup Sam and thanks for the dinner

What's next I wonder.. well.. actually I don't.
This Saturday is gonna be EPIC.

styne is bracing for epic this saturday

Nite peeps and God bless~

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