Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you; two pictures, two captions..

because dickies, the bear..

..likes his two eggs

Now, for the more pressing/interesting news..

       This is a year of many things; the beginning of journey to some, the end to others. For many of the final year students, their time in Multimedia University is drawing near as the curtain closes. But yet, just before they take their last bow, they're treated.. we, are treated to a somewhat dream coming true;

MMUcf is officially recognized in campus!

Our ancient seniors pestered the campus officials to allow of us to run as an official society but the rule states that no religious society can be formed. This year, it's all changed. To make things even better, we, MMUcf are not alone. Together alongside with the Chinese cf, MyCF, and the Catholic students society, CSS, we are now an official body known as Multimedia University Christian Society.

the closing prayer

Today marks history as we had our first Annual General Meeting whereby the three groups come together in unity as one body of our Lord. Sure, as being recognized and being an official society shuts some doors it also opens up new unexplored ones as we're now in the heart of our mission ground. These are truly exciting times indeed.

the exco members - the top six

Wish all you ancient seniors were around. For now, we must face the challenges ahead like taking a bulls by the horn and..


Nite peeps and God bless ya'll~

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