Tuesday, September 30, 2008

| it starts with

*cue music*

One thing I dunno why
Marinating lambs puts the sparkle in my eye
Keep that in mind I copy this rhyme
To fill up my time

all I know

Lamb is a valuable thing
Watch people smile when it starts tingling
Watch it count down when their eyes turn this way
The lamb melts mouth away

it's so unreal

Keep looking down below
Watch awesome epicness starts to grow
Trying to hold on, but when it starts to glow
You wasted it all as you

start to know

Wayne kept everything inside
And even though he tried, it all went so well
What it meant to him will eventually
Be a memory of that time when

We tried so hard and rode so far
In the end the EPIC's all that matters

It's burfday calls and Joel's all

In the end the EPIC's all that matters...

*music fades*

mussel with garlic butter sauce... thanx dad!

Stay epic kids~ God bless~

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