Wednesday, September 17, 2008

| history in the making

Oh look~! It's summoar pics from WI:Jonah!

seraius cat is seraius


On Monday we officially launch the second aCt production, Another Christmas Thingy: The Given Gift. The head director of the entire event, Ms Grace Teo Ai Ai Ai Ai walked the CF'ers through the entire production, from the department directors, scriptwriters, main casts and the core storyline. She also announced the dates of the infamous Intensive Week (03/11-08/11). Remember kids; no chili and nouuuuu ice~

tujuh ratus tiga puluh ribu lima ratus hari sudah lalu~

Today, is the last CF of the semester and the first CF we ever officially have in our campus! This marks history babeh!! It was surely a different environment and the atmosphere was slightly unusual but nevertheless exciting. Almost everyone was cheerful about it too. Elys lead us through a good worship with only two acoustic guitar backing the music up but personally, I feel that it is sufficient. Would be nice to have a kah-hon though. The bible quiz, handled by Merilyn, Jerome and myself went pretty well. We had excess of questions and most of the fun ones weren't taken but.. owh well~

So with history marked, let us all as CF be united in following God and seeking His will for our CF and our campus. If God be willing to allow us to keep YAC, it be cool. If He doesn't.. well, He gives and takes away, but still my heart will choose to say, "Lord, blessed be Your name~"

owhmigosh~ twins bazel! twins!

Nite guys and God bless~

p.s. if you guys can tell which pic was cropped over the other, you're good~!

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