Tuesday, September 09, 2008

| good bye world.. hello gordon

I dunno if you guys have been able to keep up with the recent world news or not (whether or not you guys read the news is another matter altogether). Nonetheless, one of the rather peculiar may-be-or-may-not-be so interesting news is the the firing of the Large Hadron Collider (i know its tempting to spells it as Hardon). This huge machine with a circumference of 27 kilometres, burried 175 metres underground, will attempt to accelerate sub-atomic particles at the speed of light and collide it with each other in an attempt to produce the Higgs boson

No big deal right?

Well, the mass believes that firing this thing off could cause a massive disaster unknown to mankind; creation of Micro Black Holes, Strangelets, Singlets, Boxers etc, etc; which is apparently a big deal for the quantum community. Though it's not proven at all that it'll be a threat but hey, look at what happened to Black Mesa Research Facility. To make matters worse, a fishy picture surfaced on the web about the construction of the LHC.

yeap, that's him alright

Looks like they've recruited Gordon Freeman too. Well.. In the event of a Xen invasion I just wanna say.. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Now where's that crowbar of mine...


In other news, I've downloaded google's Chrome which has been buzzing about the news lately. So far, I've quite liked the sleek design which maximizes my view of the page. In terms of speed and stuff, well.. with suxmyx, it's all the same.

Another problem I encountered is when I'm trying to download or upload pictures into photobucket, it becomes quite a pain as a 404 error keep appearing. But well, I guess these things will be sorted out in the future as Chrome is still in Beta.

Nonetheless, when they fully release this guy, I'll be sure to wanna use it.

Laters peeps~ Good bless~

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