Saturday, September 30, 2006

| a night with the noobs

It was a quiet Thursday evening. The clock was slowly ticking it's way to 7pm. "But if I can't swim after fourty days.." the song was playing its last line on the mp3. Just as I was about to Wikipedia about Transformers after watching it's upcoming movie's teaser trailer on youtube when..

AI: Low power. Build more wind-traps.

Heh~ Gotta love the old Dune games. So yea, my house was out of power, out of juice, out of mojo, out of.. wait, we're never out of mojo. heh~ Mom arose from her slumber due to the shockwave of cries of people, cut-off from their idiot-box. Mom lit up our trusty storm lamp and we went out to see the extend of the damage.

it's older than me

The whole stretch of my taman was going through a blackout. People were panicking, children were crying, youths were breaking store windows and looting everything they can find. Police choppers were hovering over the riot, policemen were firing tear gas in the middle of the group. Chaos.. Utter chaos. And because of that, I have to wait in a long queue just to pump petrol. Everybody wants to get out the dark taman.

sam's car running at around 85kmh

Mom and I, in her car and I on my bike went to Sin Hoe garden at Bukit Baru for our dinner. After a satisfying meal of beef noodles, we parted ways, she went to visit her younger brother while I went to check out what's up with the Newbie CG as they were gonna celebrate Joel and co-incidentally, Rachel's birthday. Stop smirking now you guys. Hehe~

joel and rachel... *smiles*

At Sam's Place (TM), mooncakes with lit candles were brought out as we sang happy burfday to Jo'l and R'chl. In the darkness of the living room, with the 4 candles on the 4 mooncakes as a source of light, they made their burfday wishes and blow the candles. Everybody go 'awwwwww~'. Together, they then held the kitchen knife to cut the mooncake. Everybody go 'sooooo sueeettt~'.

tanglung tanglung tanglung

The younger ones of the Noobs Newbie CG proceeded to play with the traditional chinese lanterns aka tanglungs while people like Billy, and I sat and watch TV which was showing the Surface series and we came up with the conclusion that even aliens need to use the torchlight every now and then. Heh~ Soon I was filled with boredom and decided to check out what they others were doing outside.

sam's masterpiece

They were playing with candles! Candles!! When you think of candles, you think fire. When you think fire, you think BIG fire. When you think BIG fire, you go OOooooo.. Ahhhhh.. Or maybe that's just me. Well, it was fun to watch them placed the candles in a vertical row, lit the bottom candle and watch the fire move upwards. Makes me feel very stone age. Still, it was fun and cool nonetheless.

kok phin's V masterpiece

After the last of the candles burnt out, the fun had ended and we started to clean up Sam's place as it was in a mess of wax and burnt tanglungs. Forgot to mention that one of the tanglungs caught fire and broke Sam's clothesline.. Sweet~ As we scrap off the wax from the walls and floors, we were distracted by a romance movie that was playing in the midst of our cleaning.

aren't they kiuuuuut?!!
they look so sueeeett~!!

Johnathan : Aiyooooo~

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