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| the singapore experience : part ii

Recap of previous post.
Seremban. Singapore. Sentosa. Sky Tower.
Yeap.. that pretty much covers it.

In the previous episode of Lost: Singapore, the bunch of people from Malaysia are still lost in Singapore. The end.

inside the glass elevator.. OooOooo..

they use these to convict drunk drivers who are sober

Nah~ I'm just kidding. Where was I ya? Oh yea, Gem Of Singapore. Some sort of building that doesn't have any gems nor anything valuable. Seriously. Nothing. Special. I have no idea why we're there. Unable to handle the boredom of being in a boring building, we walked to the next building which is some sort of shopping complex which is next to Vivo City, Singapore's proud shopping complex boasting to be the biggest in South East Asia. Hmmm.. Sure looks big. No pics though, was kinda tired by then.

GerX says the one in A Famosa's better

Head back to Sentosa Island via cable car and to the next level of hell attraction; Sentosa 4D Magix. Basically they make you wear this really.. really really ugly looking plain lens glasses that will create the out of the screen experience. Think IMAX in Berjaya Times Square. The difference though, is that they have speakers in the seats and the environment effects. Sprinkling water, creepy stuff under you legs, that loud boom behind your ears, get my drift?

mocktail.. non-alcoholic thingie.. quite refreshing~

screwdriver cocktail, simple and easy to drink

going back up for.. The Luge

The bunch of them wanted to check out the Butterfly Farm but GerX doesn't want to due to her phobia to flying insects, lizards, etc, etc, etc. Me, being the *ahem* gentleman I am, accompanied her by the Skybar, with the help of some.. drinks. heh~ Next we headed for The Luge. It's some sort of go-kart, minus the engine and more g-force. Environment friendly, typical Stinkapore. By far, this is the only fun thing I rode in Sentosa. Don't be fooled by it's appearance, this thing can go faster than that lousy go-kart in Genting. Plus, you can go do-rif-tooo in it.

sorry. i just had to do it.. heh~

they should open a franchise in Malaysia!

because they have pork!! babi!! the good stuff!!

It's quite sad actually. After having a fun ride at The Luge, our next destination was.. a mini-museum about Singapore. *sigh~* They had some cool presentations and stuff but when the walking start, so does the boredom. I had to entertain myself right? Heh~ Having coming out of that rather boring Singapore-is-a-nice-and-wonderful-place we grabbed our lunch at Subway. Me, being the jakun I am was all Ooo and ahH at the food. I think it's as expensive as Burger King but the food is really, really good. Put on the meat baby!

the merlion.. some stuff made up by some people

i had enough of shooting 'nice-sceneries'

By now I'm really tired and bored. To make matters worse, I was having this splitting headache that really annoyed me but I kept it to myself. Didn't want to spoil their fun. You know what? The Merlion is the saddest, lamest idea of a *koff* 'monster' I've ever heard off. The worse part is that it's not original. Unlike Loch Ness and Giant Squids where there are sightings and experiences, the Merlion, according to the dude on the screen was made up because the Singapore's previous symbol, the Lion, wasn't cool enough. So a half lion, half fish who's a vegetarian is cooler? Hmmm...

another lame attraction

The headache was still throbbing in my head. Bad. GerX wanted to check out some attraction at Siloso Beach called the Flying Trapeze or something like that because it sounds nice in the brochure. It turns out to be.. lame. So we were just staring at the kids who were playing it. Thankfully, there were other attractions by the beach and they cured most of my headache. Heh~ Nothing like watching a bunch of chicks in bikinis playing in the sand. Kinda like Baywatch but they're all asians. Hey! I'm a normal guy alright?

too bad you can't see much in this pic. heh~

So much for part 2 eh? I know, I know. It's not really interesting after all. Hehe~ Good nite peeps! See ya in church.


Laughing Ashigaru said...


Laughing Ashigaru said...

ok. Aside from Subway. That thing is the only stuff I actually care to eat on campus.

WontdieonE said...

tats wat happens when one travel with your gf's family~ heh~

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