Monday, November 20, 2006

| november rains

Rain sucks away my energy and creativity..
Like I had any in the first place! ahaks~


It's a joke,

so laugh okay?

Unlike most weekends, I spent most of my time at home doing all the usual stuff like housekeeping, catching lizards, shooting cats with my slingshot, etc etc. Was trying to record my guitar on the computer, worked quite well but my soundcard couldn't process the mike signals well thus making my voice very soft. *sad* Oh well, at least I have a great guitar that even sounds awesome in the computer.

A funny thing happened to me last Saturday.

All alone at home, I seek something to munch on for lunch. I turned to the two slices of homemade bread (yes, we bake our own bread) mom left me and figured that it'll be nice to have a cup of hot coffee and warm toasts with melting peanut-butter. So I did just that; place a slice of bread in the toaster, turn the timer, and went back to my room to check on my lecture's progress. Alas, I was too caught up with my work when the timer when *BING!*.


The bread in the toaster was literally on fire. Fire as in REAL fire. I was like Nero as he fiddled while Rome burned during the era of the Burning Crusade. Yea that's right. You heard it. It's the Burning Crusade. heh~ Anyway, all was not lost. I had a Plan B.

gotta have back-up

rain.. rain.. rain.. rain..

rained super heavy today

Bread wasn't enough for me though. Felt hungry soon after and thus fixed my eyes of the glorious Maggie Mee, or was it Cintan Mee? Bah~ They'rall the same. Piping-hot duck flavoured noodles in a big bowl then drop a raw egg on top, stir, smile, take pictures, and eat. Truthfully, the only reason I would actually eat unhealthy noodles at home is because of that super delish' commercial prawn sambal. I can eat plenty of those though the after-effects aren't so desirable and pleasant, ala The Burning Butt.

master and servant.. CALL ME SENSEI!

Then came Sunday; the sabbath day, the holy day. Dad was kind enough to fetch me to church as my bike's front tyre is still out-flat despite my attempts to persuade it otherwise, "Aiya, don't so small gas larr~". Small gas, catch it? Guess not.


Brother Fook Meng was sharing about being a servant of the people. How we Christians are meant to be the servants of the people around us, just as how Christ came to serve and save us. Reminds me of how I was brought up with my parents constantly reminding me, "Andrew, to be the first, you must be the last and a servant to all". Yea~ A servant to all. A servant to the Servant King. That's my purpose.

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