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| the singapore experience : part i

Super long post. *koff*

Sorry for the late update peeps!! It's been another crazy week for me. Okay, remember me saying that I'll be back on the 31st of September? Well.. You see, I DID come back on the 31st but according to my dad, my house has been living in the shadow and darkness of no-broadband-connection. Yeap, I've been cut-off by Suxmyx once again. Someone gotta sue them I tell ya. I'm writing all my post on a notepad and I'm gonna post it at some CC of something. The distance I would go for a blog that no one reads. heh~ Oh yea, my photobucket's at its 1000 file limit. *sad*

my travel luggage bag

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'll be off for holiday from the 26th to the 31st of September. The destination; Stinkapore. Ai Ai got a wiff of Stinkapore just before I did and thanks to her, I'd got to know a few places to visit while I'm there. So here's the first out of three parts of my one week travel holiday. Try to doze off and laugh at my poorly written post that's filled with sarcasm ya? Come on people, show me some lurve~

bye sentral.. again..

harlo alor gajah

anthony bourdaine.. think russel peters

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside the door. I hate to wake you up to say, good bye... Okay, maybe that song's really getting old, just like The Matrix and Tom Cruise. *koff* It's a beautiful Thursday morning. 26th of September, bus leaves at 11.30am. En route from Melaka to Seremban, heading through Alor Gajah. Come to think of it, almost all the bus I sit on either to KL or Seremban would pass by that small town of Alor Gajah. Must be getting popular that area is. Reached Seremban at around 1pm and spent a night there.

haven't sat in one of these for almost 10 years

spacious? nah~

Fast-forward a couple of hours and here I am at Seremban's KTM station. Taking the night train (no, not the cocktail), I was chillin' on the sleeping section of the train. It's slightly more expensive than the normal seated section because, well, there's like a bed for you to sleep and stuff. Yea. Can't really remember when was the last time I sat on a train but hey, I'm a jakun to everything.

"morning is such an ungodly hour..*groan*" - aaron

passport, check. ticket, check. underwear, che- HEY!

Touched down on Singapore soil at 6.30am. So much for sleep, but hey, I ain't complaining. I kinda accidentally caused a tinnie-little-small-bit of commotion after getting through the checkpoint. Well you see, it's morning and my brain was kinda hyper due to unnatural waking hours. So I went on, trigger-happy, taking pictures of everything I could lay my eyes on. Then an Immigration Officer walked over and told me I could get fined for taking pictures. So there I was, smiling like I'm high on crack or something unable to process anything the officer said. Then it hit me. "Soli ya? Me no speaking singlish. Me no more snap snap picture, okie?". I was free.

almost got burned for this picture.. heh~

Forgot to mention this earlier. The peeps traveling with me were GerX, GerXmom, GerXbro1, and GerXbro2. Together the 5 of us took 2 taxis to GerX's uncle's house at Clementi. Much to my surprise (and enjoyment), Singapore's morning view was great. Nothing like visiting a place you haven't been in ages early in the morning to catch the city come to life.


the ark of salvation army

crazy taxi xvii

i like it when the sun doesn't hurt your eyes

The clustered flats of Clementi made me realize how tough it is living in Singapore. No space, no land, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. No different from Malaysia eh? Clementi is like a mini-town. Bunch of flats with their stalls and shops that sells everything you need. It's like half of Melaka compacted into one part of Singapore. Great~

view from the 6th floor

tasteless prawn mee

Singapore's chinese food sucks. End of story. It's too healthy for my Malaysian tongue. Less salt, less fat, no aginomoto, no happiness. heh~ After settling down and grabbing some breakfast, together with Un T, Aunty L, 13yearO, and 6yearO we headed to our first holiday destination, Sentosa Island. If my memory serves me right, one of the entry ticket packages cost S$60+. Big ouch. Riding the buses that circle the island we headed to our first attraction, Calsberg's Super Flying Spinning Sky Tower!

sentosa bus, the blue line

calsberg sky tower? *evil thoughts*

up, up and away!

The view from up the tower was quite nice, minus the haze. When you reach the highest point of the tower, it'll spin around at 100kmh for a couple of minutes as a recorded voice explains the surroundings. Though slightly difficult to catch while spinning at 100kmh, I noticed that Singapore's full of trees. It seems that they're trying to keep and plant as many trees as possible to cool the city. Much like KL but it's harder for KL to plant trees when councilors are building up bungalows without permit eh? *koff* In all, the experience was great but to my utter disappointment, there was no free flow of Calsberg beer while up there. Sad case.

subtitle : trees

everyone goes 'awwwwww~ so sweeeet~'

*koff's blood*

Then we rode on the only cable car in Singapore, back to the mainland in some tourist attraction building called the Gem of Singapore. The ride there was normal larr. Nothing really special. Same as Genting but not as cool and cold.

the cable car, JENG! JENG! JENG!

was listening to french all the way. heh~

Aunty L, 6yearO, and wontdieone

Well, I guess I should end for now. There's like 3 pages worth of nonsense for you to waste your bandwidth on. I'm soooooo sorry for the long post. I.. I.. just can't help myself.. *sob sob* But here's more pictures before I really end this post.

wedding cable cars

merlion falls sick!

luvin lionel? think melaka camp

Well, stay tune for the next update peeps. Till then, hope you enjoyed your really, really short, like 3 weeks short's short holiday. I'm gonna end my 3 months of rest soon too. I feel your pain. heh~ Later peeps.

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