Thursday, November 23, 2006

| the katana.. or is it cantana?

Bless The City Cantata Team

Busy semester indeed. Nothing like a short semester nearing the end of the world year. The Bless the City (BC) event is just several weeks away and just recently, we have our first practice where the choir listened to the list of songs that were prepared by our bosses, Lucius and Mark. We as musicians however, face a bigger challenge of getting those 22 songs right. Yea, 22 songs babeh~

noticed the halo?

On Wednesday night the whole BC team came together as further details were shared including who's gonna be in the soprano (no, not the mafia), alto, tenor, and bass (together as SATB). Also, the songs were revealed to the choir and most of them, especially those who are gonna sing solo, were pleasantly surprised. Pleasant is the word. heh~

misguided bunch of peeps~

Reminiscing NOC practice days, the choir were given the individual SATB notes and were told by the slavedrivers to sing in harmony (the flogging helped a bunch). In their SATB groups, they were given their groups notes on the song, The First Noel. It was fun to hear them sing though there were a few who ran out of *koff* tune.

We the musicians didn't really do much that night. In fact, I think we did nothing at all, Jia Tsing came to the rescue when the CD player failed on Lucius - its death was quick and painful. Seong messed around giving some of the groups the beat and occasionally, gradually played faster and faster. Notty boii.. heh~ Can't wait to practice together with the NOCIV band once again.

Tze Seong

That's all for now. Good nite peeps~

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