Wednesday, November 22, 2006

| megapixels

Today's CF topic gave me the tingles, just like Jingles. Okay, not like Jingles but it still tingles. When I hear the word megapixels, I think of photographs, images, memories.. things that I hold dear, near of far.

memories may fade but an image will remain

Our CF activity wasn't something new. I believe that we've done this activity before be it in the previous CF, some camp or back at your own church's youth fellowship; write names of people you want to see come to know the Lord and pray for them. It isn't something new but neither will it ever get old.

the size may vary but the taste is still the same

The names I've written were the same names I wrote before, a year ago, 2 years ago, maybe 3, I can't recall. But I do know that I want to see them saved. I don't want to see them fall into an eternity of darkness and suffering. Though during CF the atmosphere was pretty light, it is a reality than there are many people who are gonna end up in hell if we do nothing and remain in our comfort zone. I dread to see my dear friend suffer and I know I'll do my best when the opportunity arises, I wish to see Salvation near. The seeds are planted, now it's just watering.

if only you could read my heart

I pray one day their names will be written in the Book of Life. My dear friend, I wish you would come to know and accept this Friend of mine who loves you more than anyone could, more than I could. His name is Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

In other news...

(Anna is the girl on the right, not left larr)

Finally, you're 19 years old!! Can get married and have plenty of kids liao! Hope you're blessed and may you be always be fruitful ya? Hugz n Muakz~

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