Thursday, January 04, 2007

| a better update than the previous post


1st Paper - Discrete Structures - 3rd January 2007 (afternoon)
2nd Paper - Technical Communication - 7th January 2007 (afternoon)
3rd Paper - LAN Party - 6th, 7th January 2007 (night)

See the connection there?

Oh well. Discrete Structures' over now and I'm freakin sure I got an A I dunno if I did too well; I'm hoping for a B or B+. Please? But since the hard subject's over, I feel kinda relieve to the point where I'm planning how I'm gonna spend my 3 weeks of holiday and the goals I'm motivated to achieve.

d' harvey wallbanger

In the mean time though, feel free to check out several random pictures of the cantata. If you want the bigger, better quality images feel free to instant message me at BLEEP!!. note: ID withheld for your safety.

father, son and uh... son

There are things that I'm gonna do during the holidays and things I wanna do during the holidays. Do note that these two share nothing in common other than the word holiday. Just like how lecturers confuse you with two same sentences with different meanings and everyone would go "Wow! Crickey!"... that wasn't racist was it?

me and my fre- MAI FREN AN Aiii..

Anyway, I'll start with things I'm gonna do.
1. Go Sunway Lagoon Resort with X
2. Go KL and go nuts (that's a 2 in 1) with X
3. Take a B to Friends Cafe'
4. Visit S at National Service Camp (bring fast-food)
5. Take S2 out go kai-kai
6. Take E (if she's in melaka) out for 21st Bday treat
7. Chill out with other konn manns
Names withheld for your safety.. seriously~

wif ana-chan shoo kiut~

Now for the things I wanna do.
1. Workout and get back that super sexy body I once had. heh~
2. Finally buy that new computer I've been waiting for ages to get
3. Somehow drastically improve my guitar skills - just like in them mangas
4. Oh yea~ Read mangas, and watch animes and TV series
5. Drop my average speed to 90kmh.
6. For crying out loud, wash my bike.
7. Cut my hair.

guai guai~ *pats head*

Now can you see the difference between 'gonna-do' and 'wanna-do'? Now that sounds weird. Speaking of weird, throughout these 3 weeks of holiday, I shall refrain from making any racist jokes no matter how funny it is like the time VJ was helping me clean the house and he almost slipped on the white tiles. I said, "Yo dude, becareful man. If you fall you'll make a stain." *punch-line CRASH!*. Yea.. no racist jokes. *KOFF*

im one lucky guy.. there goes 5 bucks. heh~

No, I didn't pay to take pictures with a bunch of chicks. If I did it would just make them.. *KOFF KOFF* waaa.. the skies so nice today. Note-to-self: refrain from saying really really stupid things that would get you into trouble. Hopefully that will work. Caramel Frappuccino anyone?

pastor.. i caught soly red handed this time

Truthfully, I'm still kinda down with everything that has happened the last couple of weeks. The flood.. the backache.. the exams.. It's like they're all connected to make my life miserable. The flood set me back on my days I have to study, the backache just kills me whenever I sit for too long and the exams are the results of the previous two mentioned. It's really rare to see me emo. Seriously. It's rare.

don't get me started..

Last year's Christmas slipped right trough my fingers like muddy flood water and I spend the new year suffering from recurrence backache. The Discrete Structure paper was kinda tough and I really wish my time to study wasn't taken away. All these things can really pull my spirit down. So, to cheer myself up, I photoshop people's pictures into funny things without their permission.

feeling better already

Well~ Cheers to 2007. Once again, Happy Birthday Julian and Happy Birthday Elaine. It's good to have you two as friends.

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