Thursday, January 11, 2007

| the first 3 days

I can't believe I'm gonna say this. My first 3 days of the 3 weeks of holiday is unbelievably unproductive and boring. With the exception of some minor headaches here and there, nothing considerably interesting or exciting happened. Yesterday was fun though..

But before I get to that, I haven't been doing my usual 'post-many-pictures'. No, my phone is still with me. No, I haven't run out of ideas. Yes, I know how to upload pictures into my computer and yes, I.. oh, never mind. Due to some technicality, I can't upload my phone pictures into the computer yet but rest assured, the flood of pictures WILL come. heh~ So I shall reuse an old picture for today's post.

This is Rebekah, my sister. Current status; single soon i hate her boyfriend. She's turns 18 this year. Used to be very ah-lien but I managed to cure the virus with my (really) poor fashion sense. She's short, cute and talks a lot - just like a hamster. Still very innocent (in my eyes) and despite her tongue at times, has a heart of goal gold. Gals, it's okay to touch her. Guys, touch her.. and die.. horribly.

About that 'fun' thing I mentioned earlier. No, it's nothing dirty or kinky. If you thought that it was, then shame on you. *koff* I got my wives back and we're now a complete family once again. To commemorate the event, I got them new straps and strings (G-included). I bought a set of d'Addario strings for the older wife and the slightly more expensive CF Martin SP strings for my favourite. Yes, I'm bias of my wives, sue me. Both sets of strings are of light gauge. First time using Martin SPs. There are noticeable differences between the d'Addario and Martin SP string though both of them resounded with the new-strings-metallic-twang. Nice sound coming from the DWX though. Gosh, I lurv my guitars.

Just finished putting labels on 200+ previous post and man, it's a tough thing to do. Why am I doing this you might ask. Well, it's because I'm bored.. and also for the benefit for my future references. heh~ Till I get my phone-2-computer cable back this Friday, catch you guys soon~ Keep enjoying the holidays ya?

later on we can go outside,
and create the impression of an angel,
that just fell from the sky..

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Anonymous said...

Hehee.. whatever it is, enjoy the holiday ya.
I just wish that i can back to Johor to have my Chinese New Year holiday soon. -_-"
-shu lin-

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