Friday, January 26, 2007

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No this is not some animal fetish'ish post. Try saying fetish but add another 'ish' at the back, it's real fuuney~ Go on, say it out loud or think it in your mind. But first, I word from our sponsors.

starbucks! starbucks! starbucks!
the best star you get in a buck!
vanilla or chocolate, caramel or hazelnut
black or latte, frappucinno or satay
the best star you get in a buck!

I can't believe I made you think the word fetish'ish.

I've been spending more time than usual feeding the sugar glider. I dunno why though. It could either be that I'm getting attached to it or that the ending of the holiday makes me yearn for that special bond with it that I missed during the last 3 weeks. But no, this ain't no animal fetish, I've made that clear in the first line. *koff*

sugar gliders are cute when stir-fried

Sugargabe. That's what I'm gonna call her. Initially I was going for Squiggles but when I think of Squiggles, I think of Jinggles and when I think of Jinggles, I think of Jes- oh, never mind. heh~ So yea, Sugargabe. Sugerbabe's already taken and I'm not that creative when it comes to names. Look at mine, An****. It so common and normal. No creativity in that I assure you.

sugargabe feeding while sitting on my crotch

If you remove the words 'while sitting', things will get ugly. Hahahaha~ Sorry for the crude jokes and I-dunno-what-to-call-it. I blame the coffee mann. I blame the coffee. I guess the ending of the semester holiday means that I'm gonna have to channel all my craziness somewhere right? Nobody wants a crazy An**** during the semester do they now. They want the nice, lovable, huggable Andrew. heh~

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See you guys next week~

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