Friday, January 19, 2007

| the lizard, the snake and the eye

No, it's not a sequel to the Chronicles of Narnia. Absolutely no relations to Harry Potter too. By the way, I don't like Harry Potter.

This post is about the cute lil' animals in my house. I have people from all walks of life, staring at them going all 'Ooooo~' and 'Ahhhh~'. Some of my friends even take photos with the animals as if I'm some guy by the clock-tower with an iguana or a python on my shoulders. heh~

beavis and butthead.. nah~ they're too cute for that

These are the two famous bearded dragons, cousins to the dragon beard sweets that you can find at the local megamall. Most of you have already met its kind during Melaka Camp 06 when ZX felt that his bearded dragon, named Bob, would be very lonely at night without its master... does that sound wrong? The night part I mean..

*no ones laughing* Moving along..

Yea, so the one at the left of the picture is a seriously lazy dragon. Not to confuse tame with lazy. A tame bearded dragon will let you pet its head, give you nice smiles when taking picture and do hunting pose during photo shoots. These guys, however, are as lazy as university students during their semester holiday. Especially the one on the left.

feeeeeed meeeee!! feeeeeed meeeee!!

He's so lazy, when you approach him, he'll open his mouth and wait for you to put the food in his mouth. Like hatchlings of birds except this guy ain't no hatchling. I guess this is the consequences of pampering them too much. My dad used to feed them meshed food with protein and nutrients through a syringe directly into their mouth and they'll just lift their heads and open up with mouth, sucking the head of the syringe. *koff*

okay.. that sounded wrong too..

what in the world is that?!

The other pair who's not as famous as their neighbour are the snake-necked turtles. As their name suggest, they have awfully long snake-like necks for a turtle and they strike their prey like snakes too. Their bites can be vicious too. No kidding. They'll bite and hang on to whatever it is even if it drags them out of the aquarium. I got bit once and that bugger was just twisting and twisting even after I left my hand out of the aquarium. Wasn't too bad though as didn't bleed.

the kiut'est of them all

This one needs no introduction. Say hello to the kiut'est pet in the Liu home. Furrier than the tarantulas, quicker than the scorpions, and not-as-lazy as the bearded dragons. This is, the sugar glider. Normally when introducing it to my friends I'll just call it a squirrel. Saves more time than saying it's a sugar glider, only to have my friends going ,"Huh?". Plus, any name with 'sugar' in it is definitely diabetically sweet. heh~

Well, that's all folks. Nite nite~


Anonymous said...

hehe.. really a very cute sugar glider aka squirrel. haha.. that is the first time i hear of this kind of name..
-shu lin-

Anonymous said...

wait till ur cutest-of-them-all grows bigger, u shud cut it & make rendang. waaahhh.... it's awesome.. worth it

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