Tuesday, March 20, 2007

| jamming with ryuk

Here's a few tips for guitarist on how to improve oneself through jamming with shockwaves of loud music blasting into your delicate eardrums without actually going to a crappy, smelly jamming studio or finding a band to play with ya. You do it at home.

You'll need to have 3 things ready;

Number 1. The instrument (of mass-destraction)

a good, clear loud sound system

a host of mp3s of your favourite songs

Close the windows, lock the doors, pump up the volume and get ready to rock! Oh yea, do yourself a favour and wear ear protection just in case you over do it with the volume - it rings often these days. heh~ But on the serious note, that's normally how I practice at home. It's easier and quicker to learn when you're playing with the original music coming out loud and clear from them good speakers that won't accidentally play the wrong note or chord. If it does, it's part of the song smarty.

ana-chan, becca and sepet posing with ryuk and L

The Games Anime Comics Circle (GACC) event that swept the nation and the world.. actually, it's just MMU but hey! It's still a big event okay?! GACC is always a welcoming sight to see in the trimesters of MMU life. A much needed break out of the ordinary and let loose your inhibitors and go nuts dressing yourself up as manga characters. I guess I can't safely say that the Cosplay event is the highlight of the, uh.. event.

becca-ninja, some-naruto-character-ninja, and sepet-ninja

Normal-ordinary people become instant celebrity when they cosplay as famous characters. Some of them are, well, obscenely, unbelievably, can-die-if-see-too-long-ly, bad and of course, there are those that really outshine all else even acting in their character when not posing for the camera. Even Kay Lyn came dressed in her kimono looking cute as ever. Well, can't wait for next trimester's GACC, thats.. IF they have it. Rumours run fast, don't they?

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