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poor newbies conned into staying

Had a small, delightful surprise today. I was involved in one of the police special operations and I managed to catch myself a big fish. Raided one of the houses we suspected to hold illegal immigrants from China and Thailand. Strapped on my bullet-proof kevlar vest, had my gun firmly locked-on. Kicked the door open and the girls scrambled but none escaped. Caught myself a big one today.

jangan lari!

Just kidding.

CG tonight was okay. We did something we haven't done in awhile; spending money - lots of it. Initially we wanted to catch a movie, 300 but the only seats available were second from the front. After the Ghost Rider incident, we were a little cautious about seatings in the cinema so we decided not to watch it. Instead, we went to Asian Havana Cafe. Some cafe' that's so expensive, they'll except blood and organs.

the-price-is-reasonable, the-cg-leader, the-car-needs-new paint

Their menu selection was wide but it was difficult to pin-point 'The One That Captures The Eyes' food.. either that or the prices next to the food became 'The One That Pokes Your Eyes Out With A Toothpick And Eats Them For Lunch'. heh~ The drinks were nice and funky though. Huge selection of coffee, chocs, coffee, vanilla, coffee, etc. Strange though as I do not remember seeing any alcohol mentioned in the menu. Halal~


cookies 'n' cream

havana royale (coffee)

After staring at the menu for more than 5 minutes while the waiter waits patiently for us, we finally place the last of of orders. When the food arrived, we got a taste of *ahem* fine-dining and I've learned 2 things about fine-dining.
One. The finer the diner, the bigger the hunger. You'll never get full.
Two. The cheaper the price, the more the rice. Cheaper = More.

soly's plate of appetizers

jess' and my plate of miso-dory-fish-fillet crap thing

the best and most filling dish

su be's smart fish and chips

I guess I should also mention that su be's fish and cheap, though costs more than RM10, looks exactly like the ones my dad fried during Valentine's Day and he fried a lot of them too. I ain't saying anything more.

taste as good as it looks

I couldn't bring myself to tell Su Be that my dad bought them from Tesco for a very cheap price... I just couldn't!! I'm a failure.. *sad*

water-walled lights

In the end, though the price was like super expensive and certain dishes weren't even worth mentioning, Asian Havana Cafe's not that bad of a place larr. Have to give them credit to the atmosphere and design lay-out of the cafe. Really puts us all in the mood. Drinks were good too. Hopefully, the food will improve. One last thing, no bapoks for ushers, thank you.

in very deep voice, "THANK YOU FOR COMING." *smiles*

After makan'ing we went to check out the nearby fun fare and boy was it fun!! There were kids running around everywhere and their parents were holding each others hands with wides smiles all over them. Oh wait, that's just a poster. Not that fun to fare. But it was fun to watch people waste money on impossible games for fun. Irony eh?

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Anonymous said...

the food and drinks of that cafe (including ur dad's fish and chips)really look very nice and attractive le. haha..
feelign so hungry now. haha. =P
-shu lin-

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