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it wasn't me - really~

Lately I've got this feeling that I've been really slacking off in almost everything I do. Procrastination almost felt like it was gonna get real good this time. Kinda scares me sometimes too. It's bad but hey, I'm putting in effort. Sir Winston Churchill once said this,

"The Era of Procrastination, of Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays, is Coming to its Close.
In its Place We are Entering a Period of Consequences."

this guy's been helping me a lot

I seldom drink this stuff. Red Bull. The super-sweet energy giving thingie. Recently I've been not getting the amount of recommended sleep, so that yellow-red can of juice is what kept me going on some days. The draw back though, is that after-effects can really give off some nasty headaches. Oh well, you can't win'em all can ya?

looks like the one from Asian Havana Cafe!! but cheaper

Okay, this post ain't about emo stuff, or food, or whatever other nonsense I normally write about. No-seerie~ This time, it's for a good friend of mine who just became a man 27 hours ago. His name is Jatuh-Tergolek (hereby called as JT) and he just celebrated his 21st birthday.

ain't he a pretty boy?

But before I go on, let me give ya'll a brief introduction about him. He's short. Almost as short as the Lulu's (or maybe even shorter), relatively quiet amongst unknown crowds of people but he has one heckuva wicked tongue should one challenge him. A funny guy but that ones quite general as all of us are funny guys after all.

I've known him since I was 12 years old. In fact, we started learning guitar together too back in our old church. If he'd continue sharpening his skills, I bet he'll be better than me. We've all gone through some rough times and bumpy roads along the way. Learned repentance and forgiveness as well, despite how horrible things went. He's my friend.

oh, so THAT's how he looks like

The whole bunch of us konn manns went earlier to eat all the good food first to help out with the little tasks of mixing drinks and buying ice, trapping the neighbour's dog, etc etc. More and more people came, noisy, boring. So we started to clown around.

lighting up the rockets from his butt, groin and face.. heh~

By 12am his course-mates took out the chocolate fudge ice-cream birthday cake and we clapped our hands and sang merrily like gay people. After he blew the candles and cut the cake, WE, his OTHER friends took out our RM15 cream-loaded birthday cake for him. Sang the same song, blew the candles, and you can figure out what happens next. Unfortunately, I have no pictures or video to show that awesome memory as my camera-women was.. never mind. Don't wanna talk about it.

that's one big RM10 rocket

WeeD lighted his birthday present to JT and it blew up in the sky, displaying a beautiful myriad of colours. Unfortunately, we guys aren't that very attracted to these things. Even if we are, we won't show it. heh~ When his course mates left, the REAL party started.

big bottles courtesy of JT, small bottle courtesy of me

JT was generous enough to open up a bottle of shiraz, a Johnnie Walker (Black Label), and later on, a bottle of Jack Daniels. We had a real fun time to just chilling around and chatting away the night, reminiscing our past exploits and those good old days. I'll just let the pictures explain the rest.

you can tell he likes it with that smirk on his face

Babu, the guitarist in action

rockstar starting to feel it

sobriety test...

..and those who failed..

..and those who didn't take the test..

..still failed.. heh~

It was really fun hanging out like this after such a long time. It's been awhile since I had this much fun just chilling. Soon after, it was time to make a move. It was already 5.30am and we're just in time for good early morning dim sum. JT couldn't tag along as he had major loads of cleaning to do. In the end, only 5 of us survive the night.

the famous dim sum at bachang st.

Hope you had fun JT. Blessed birthday dude~

p.s. despite the frequency of alcohol and illegal stuff in this blog, wontdieone does not encourage any of this.. seriously~

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