Wednesday, March 07, 2007

| when you're running out of juice

As I ride my bike home, the unthinkable happened - I ran out of juice. Also known as fuel, fire-water, boomshine, you know, the good-stuff. The best part was that I ran out of it just a few hundred meters of entering the Jelutong Road. Which meant I had 6 kilometers to cover while pushing my bike to get home. Great. The 1st destination on my mind was the Petronas petrol station at the end of the Jelutong Road and so, the walk begun.

my bike never ran out of juice before

The last time I walked back to my house from MMU, it took me nearly a solid hour to reach home. Seeing how I've only scratched the tip of the road's iceberg thingy, I knew I had a looooong way more to go, I did what any sane person would do. I took off my pants and jacket and starting running around my bike I think and ponder upon the recent events of my life.

his IQ. written on his butt

This dude is an old friend of mine. I've known of his existence since secondary school. He's a rather funny guy. Funny as in not with his jokes, but funny as in the un-funny stupid things he says. He says dumb things that even makes me feel like slapping him in the face. I feel bad for calling him dumb sometimes. Maybe that's why I'm pushing my bike home now.. Karma? Hmmmmmmm.. Nah~

the splinter in your butt

I've known this little hole since I first stepped into MMU's CLC. It's too big to be missed and with it comes many philosophies.
A seat, being sat upon is useful to many people
     as it provides comfort and rest.
But a seat, being sat upon for so long,
     will eventually break apart and splinter everyone's butt.

Think about it..

im beginning to seriously think they have something going on

Been looking at them newly weds new couples in MMUcf for awhile now, watching how they, *koff* behave. I dunno if it's me or what, but I feel rather.. what's the word for happy but not exactly happy? Yea, I feel like that when I see them. It gives me the feeling of going "Awwwwwww.." but not the "Awwww.. so kiut!" type of feeling though.

GG - Good Game, Get God

But even as there are new couples mushrooming about, there are a few whom are breaking apart or who are already broken. Many reasons and factor can end up with these conclusions but neither of which is worth mentioning as it'll ebb and flow through the subjective-ness of the topic at play. So what's worth getting that will never fail nor break apart? Get God. Should've brought my non-Christian friends. Which you came my dear friend.

i took this for granted

After nearly 50 minutes of walking, I'm finally home. Legs are a little numb, hands are as black as ever, and my mind is exhausted from the many things I think. It's been awhile since I last have such a strangely yet surprisingly fruitful walk. The full moon's hovering over my head.

I had a good talk and a good walk. Thanks for listening. Thanks for asking. :)
Good nite peeps~

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Anonymous said...

wa.. 50 miuntes walk to home. it is been a long time since the last time a walk. umm.. it is kinda a good exercise. hehe. just don forget make sure that ur bike always have juice ya. hehe.miss ya. =)
-shu lin-

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