Friday, March 16, 2007

| full food birthdays

GerX's 21st birthday is finally over. For the past two days, I've been forced willingly and happily accompanying her for her birthday celebration with her friends. Stuffing myself silly with food seemed to be the only fun part about it though. Shhhh... Don't say it out too loudly. heh~

celebrating with her law frens at carry on

You know, I've been eating at Carry On every single year, for any special occasion. If you're celebrating somebody's birthday, anniversary, or even funeral, there's no better place to have it than at Carry On. For less than RM20, you can eat all you want from a wide selection of food from veges, to fish'ies, and to meat'ies. Her friends brought butter along too. Yuuuuuuum~

chocolate chip ice cream cake!!

Later that night we went back to GerX's house to further celebrate, downing a few bottles of beer while waiting to count down to her birthday. Drank, count, cheers and good night.

oh what a beautiful I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! morning

Since I will be joining GerX's CG to celebrate her birthday (again) on Thursday, that very morning I was forced absolutely, willingly woke up very early to go for their special 7am bible study. Yaaaaeiii... *snore*. Just kidding. It wasn't that bad at all. Had dim sum for breakfast. More food.

no worries about global warming - He won't flood us again

Went back home and jammed with the music and the amp blasting out loud like nobody's business. I have very understanding neighbours. heh~ Went to EP at 7pm and along the way, I saw this dull-but-it's-still-there rainbow. So niceeeee~ Went to makan with the Newbie CG to celebrate GerX's birthday (again). But hey, I ain't complaining as long as there's foooooooood~


im too lazy.. name all the food

Once again, like the previous day, we headed back to GerX's place to further chill our already cool bodies. Played a few rounds of mafia when Esther and Jia Tsing left early to create a diversion that would lead to a surprise...


No, they didn't say ger-x. Anyway..

small bottles = sad

It's a choc cheese cake!! WOW!! Aweirdcombobutcool!! Once the cake it out, so was the beer. Four bottles of Heineken and one Carlsberg. Wanted to go for a Guiness Stout but nobody wanna teman me. *sad* In the end, it was all fun. Jia Tsing surprise me with his drinking style. Didn't expect him to drink more than Joel. Now I know what to do next time during special occasions. hehe~

caught ya!

Well. I'm glad you had fun Ger. Blessed Birthday.

p.s. tomorrow going up to seremban to celebrate her birthday.. again~


Anonymous said...

A big clap to super nice bf of the year 2007, Mr. Andrew Liu!!!!
Hope u enjoy celebrating ur Gerx birthday.Hehe..=P

Anonymous said...

u sound..unwilling..

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