Friday, March 02, 2007

| .the.anti.death.note.

The day started off like every other Wednesday; sleeping late the previous night and waking up just as late. It's my off day as there are no lectures to attend. The evening however, was just a little.. different.

eating the good old double-cheesed butter naan

It all seemed rather normal, having supper at Pak Putra : The Naan For Da Maan, eating my good ol' butter drenched naan along with some tandoori and butter-curry chicken as extra dish. Complements of Ps Joanne of course. We chatted and talked about trivial matters and issues. Soon, it was time to head home and as I walked out of the shop, I stumbled upon a simple unassuming notebook and brought it home without much thought. Strange indeed. I got home and took out the book..

it's the deat- *ahem* the anti.death.note!!

I couldn't believe my eyes. I've read about the Death Note from various sources but never in my wildest dreams (not that I dream about such things anyway) I would hold the Death Note's second brother's wife's sibling's grandchild's father in my very hands! (it's written in the summary in the back of the book). In the first page, it states the rules of using the anti.death.note.

them rulz are longz

Images of friends and names raced across my mind as I was tempted to experiment the power of the anti.death.note. After searching and thinking of a name and face of my first victim I finally made my decision and wrote..

- Jason Leong

And true enough after 60 seconds, Jason started to do unusual things, sliding his fingers through his hair, playing with cute cuddly stuffed toys, etc.

it... works...?

Immediately I turned to my pen and started writing the down the next name that came to my mind. He's been having some spotlight in this blog yesterday and he needs a laydeh in his life.

it's written all over the forehead i tell ya

I turned my attention back to Jason, watching, wondering how the 'accident' might happen, who will he get as his GF or even better, wife? Su Be seems to be the only girl in the room at that time with us. *gasp!* Don't tell me it'll be Su Be? Questions without answers, came and paralyze the dancer. The clock ticked, we packed out stuff and went home - nothing happened. Truly puzzled I read the rules of the anti.death.note over and over again, making sure I did everything right. According to the rules, Jason should not be single now but yet, he walks free of any commitment; a real man's dream. Suddenly, the fine-print at the bottom of the rules page caught my attention...

Ceh.. expired already. =.="

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