Monday, March 26, 2007

| food for fhought.. or something

didn't notice the sign while i was taking this pic.. heh~

My beloved bike finally succumb to the chilled touch of Hades. It's clutch gave way and I can't kick into gear - she was sent to the hospital. And to think that she would make it for another 100km before I'd service her. Oh well, guess we're all getting old.

a little.. just a little pimpin'

Recently went out with dad and bro to run some errands. Actually, there weren't any errands to run other than getting bro his new specs. His old one gave way and he dislikes wearing contacts VAIN VAIN VAIN for too long a period as it irritates his eyes. So we head down to Bachang's branch of Eye To Eye's optometrist to see what there is.. to see.

small, humble, nice

For some wildly unknown reason that only seems to affect my family, I sat there doing nothing, waiting for I-have-no-idea-who, while bro was indecisive. Hunger stroke us hard and before you could say "Great Teacher Onizuka!", we were out looking for a place to sate our maddening gluttonous appetite. We heard that there's good food around this corner and true enough, we found it. All the way from Mata Kuching, the famous Mata Kuching Curry House.

asam pari, curry chiken, good ol' pork and tofu

We ordered our food and ate like a madmen who's riding a monkey holding a whip shouting, "Nip-snip!!".. or something closely related to that. *koff* In the meantime, we got a little closer with the owner of the place.. well, the owner's girlfriend to be precise. heh~

everyone, meet Jill..

After an unbelievably satisfying meal (we ordered another plate of them roxxxor asam pari!), we attended to some unfinished business at Eye To Eye.

Wa-.. *sigh*

Eventually, bro chose them pimping specs that matched his personality perfectly precise. That's the 3 P's that you should look for when choosing new specs. Trust me and it won't go wrong.

now THAT's pimpin

In other news, I had the pleasure of feeding Gloria the remains of my fallen enemy whom I've sworn to kill. After a battle, I finally gave the killing blow to the 210kg cow whose remains now rest in my stomach and whose bones shall be the delight of my precious pet. For Sparta!! Gotta love them DVD rip of the movie 300.

yummy.. for the dog - not me

I gave myself a treat and grilled some good ol' lamb chops for my family to chew on. It was gooooooood.. If ever you had a choice between lamb or steak, unless the steak is like, really expensively good and tender, go for the lamb. No second thoughts. No regrets. Who says I can't cook huh?

lamb-bieeee~ lamb-bieeeeee~

i have no idea why this pic is in here

Here's too all the emo status I've been following for some time now.

The flowers may fall
But after winter,
Spring will surely come

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