Sunday, March 18, 2007

| the final birthday

You know, throughout my known (or unknown) existence, I've never been to so many birthday parties in a row before. The greater shocker is that all these birthdays are to celebrate ONE person's birthday. But, to celebrate that many birthdays, it has to be for something unique - a special someone. On Friday night the CFers road-tripped all the way up to Seremban to celebrate GerX's 21st birthday, making this her 3rd birthday party.

GerX and her family, grandpa, uncle, aunty, etc

2 of her closest friends

She complained about my previous post and how it sounds as if I'm unwilling. Guess I do have a sense of humor after all. hahaha~ She bought a new dress/shirt/thingie specially for this occasion so this is the dress/shirt/thingie's maiden.. uh, wearing of dress.


some band cover pic

After the dinner party, karaoke sessions, and yam sengs, the lot crashed at GerX's house for an episode of MTV's Cribs. I guess that huge @$$ TV is the biggest attraction.. and also not forgetting the huge caches of mangas and comic, ana-chan-size soft toys, ancient relics of piano, harps, SM chains and other goodies. As Borat would put it, "Naughty, naughty~".

that's either euphoria or pure terror

It was all good. No spanking nor whipping. No worries. heh~

Well, I just hope you had fun GerX. Blessed Birthday (for the 4th time). hehe~ May you grow more mature, physically, mentally and spiritually yea? Sorry for not living up to everyone's expectations, especially yours.. Have a great 21st year.

on a random-interesting note:
i met john lenon today

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