Sunday, April 29, 2007

| the 2nd last days of Ish-ieness

If anyone wondered (most probably you guys aren't bothered anyway), I haven't been blogging due to some complication that arose in my family. Distracted, I had to turn my attention to other pressing issues. Oh yea, I can't take anymore pictures with the 1.3 megapix Samsung phone anymore so say gud buai to good quality pics from this blog for now. *sad*

in the darkest of every heart, there's light

Our last bible study together as Ish-Ish CG took place in the sanctuary of City Community Church, we couldn't ask for a better place. heh~ Under the baton of our Great Leader, Jess-so-hot-guys-get-burn-when-touched, we dove into the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus : Poor Rich Dude. OOT'ed a few times but hey, it's all good.

edmund - the cool dude

So it may be a few days late to write about Ed's birthday. At least it ain't a week late right? Optimism is like, so good now. Sorry Ed for the late post. Please don't sue me till I get my new handphone, pweeeettie fleasss???

Su Be moved like a ninja when delivering this cake

Bible study was fun but our stomachs spoke louder than our mouths.
Well, mine did. heh~
Initial Destination; Calanthe - Rejected. Closes at 11pm
Secondary Destination; Char Siew Fan - Rejected. Char siews not ready.
Final Destination; Cosmo Noodle Bar - Accepted. No other choice liao.

is owned by an boutique store owner

From the outside, the store can be easily confused for some art gallery or anything along that line, not a restaurant. Striking pink is its definition. The interior is rather.. different from the usual stores but the girls, especially Su Be found them to annoying, thus, she wrote a bad review on their "Evaluate Us" form. heh~


the pretty and the i-don't-like-the-blinding-design

But can't really blame Su Be though, the place is quite the very striking so much so a stroke patient can suddenly have epilepsy just by waving your hand over his eyes while he stares at the wall. And no, she didn't really wrote a bad review, she's too nice for that. heh~

and they said pink was gay.. wait, it IS gay!

they gave a nice spooning session. heh~

she looks pweeettier without her specs

Before I go on posting about the food, just a slight note, almost every single thing on the menu is above RM5 and they sell mostly noodles, a bunch of them - a WHOLE bunch of them. If ya like noodles, then you're like, in the Tibetan mountains of noodles. Now bow down. hehe~ But if ya don't really like noodles, don't come in and save yourself the voice of screaming blood out of your lungs just from the prices. As for variety, there is diversity though the similarity is great. It's like listening to the same.. (wan tan and pork soup)

..different.. (fried udon mee with chicken)

..chorus (udon seafood with spicy soup)

Yea, definitely like that. My spicy soup Udon seafood taste exactly the same as Merilyn's tom yam. So yea, it's all the same stuff. In the end, despite the set backs that all money-hungry cafe's have, this place is not that bad larr. If you want a short change of environment, then go a head. If ya don't like noodles or how they price noodles freakin RM6/7/8/9, then save yourself the trouble larr kay~

With the post above, the following pictures are the beginning of my once again lousy picture quality.. pictures from the trusty Nokia 3650 that has served me for nearly 4 years. Taken on Saturday while waiting for my mom's interview for her application to work in Saudi Arabia to be over and another while on the way back.

Photoshop CS3 does wonders..

..else all you'd see is noise

Sorry guys for the extremely late post. It's another tiring week for me. I'll end this post with something for ya all to think about with a semi-emo undertone.

the hurtful past is a gateway to the happier future
without it you can never appreciate tomorrow's happiness
therefore cherish the hurtful past of your lives
and the people that made the tears flow from your eyes

*smiles* Good nite peeps~

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