Saturday, November 19, 2005

| by the end of your first week

"So how's the first week?", my mom asked abruptly. Without putting much thought into it, I said my usual (and useful) "Okay lorr I guess,". She smiles. I smiled back. She smiles back again. *silence*

Jason posted an interesting question indeed.

It's 3.26am now and after reflecting back, yea~ it's been a tiring week. Quite unusual to hear that after the first week of the sem. Most people would be still carefree, skipping around like a 6 year-old on ropes, but I guess this IS a short semester after all. So feeling tired from the first week shouldn't strike surprising.

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should've followed the dude sleeping behind me

Class is boring as ever. Especially when you have subjects like Malaysian Studies hanging by your neck. All history no fakery. While sitting in such a class, one can only wonder what lies beneath the table of such lecturers who feels cursed to be lecturing such a subject. History is fun!! History is great!! Yea right. History IS history. Wahahahahah~ Looks like I'll be going to CF after all. ahaks~

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drinking their coffee will change your perception

Thursday evening. The rain was pouring down like a over-stressed man pissing by the river - it even smells like that. At the back of my mind I really wanted to enjoy the rain and sleep through it. Alas, who can say no to the first CG of the semester? Who? Tell me who?! Wore a black shirt (important), grab my keys and flew to EP fighting the wind and rain. True enough by the time I reached there, I was really, really soaking wet. But thank God I chose to come. Glas1 CG is known for food and fun. Well actually just food only but 'fun' comes as a side-dish with 'food'. So this time we went to Newton Food Court to munch down some food, EP's grub is getting rather stale, no? We ate and ate but were we satisfied? A definite NO. Went to some cool coffee shoppe at Jonker. But this ain't no ordinary coffee shop. This place is known for its coffee from the 13 states of Malaysia. I ordered the wild Sabah coffee and sipped on it while we played the tension builder, Mafia. Sweet huh?

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the light creeps in

Alas, the week draws near to an end. Called dad frequently and encouraged him as much as I could. Hopefully it'll suffice. The good news is that he's coming back on Saturday 6pm. You know what that means kids? It's Mah Jong time! ahaks~ Brought GerX here to study since the library is getting rather over-packed and over-rated. Momma says that there's no better place to study than at home. To my surprise (not), she can cook quite an impressive curry egg-maggie mee. My meal however, though it looks disgusting in black and white, it does taste good *ahem* to me, atleast. Hey~! It's not everyday I cook maggie goreng for myself okay?

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black worms..

By night time, I went for NOC4 music team's first meeting to discuss the recommended songs and tried to narrowed them down. We have some cool tunes planned in this one really emo NOC4 script this year. Hopefully we can finalize it asap so that I can get into proper practice. There's nothing I wanna do than to play for the RIGHT person. It's all there is to it. After all, aren't all our gifts not our own but given?

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Nestea and a mini-disc is all we need

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