Thursday, November 24, 2005

| smiling

Smiling is a good form of staying young - that's a known fact. After all, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, therefore the more we frown, the stronger our frown muscles get. Cool huh?

The people reader. I wonder if it's possible to just read a person just like how you read a book or novel. Can you roughly tell a person's character, his past, or anything by just talking to the person? To tell a person's character would be a wrong way to put it. Think of it as getting to know a person better, in a complex sense.

I like to ask questions about people. I like throwing questions after questions in a search to get to know the person better. Strategically planned or totally random, questions are, in the end still questions. Breaking down barriers and walls that people naturally built around them by asking series of inconspicuous question that would somehow 'direct' them to a certain way, eventually giving out answers that I want to know.

The above are all crap paragraphs, thank you.

Sometimes people don't always appear the way they are. In a way they may look sad and all but it is actually the other way around. Sometimes they may flash a smile on their face but deep down, their hurting bad. It all boils down to the individuals themselves. Some are very good at expressing their feelings and their moods. Many of them are labeled 'emo' or 'small-gas'. Some aren't as good as to show their real feelings or tell what they really think. Others however, choose to suppress their feelings and depression, wearing that smile that you see everyday. For all you know, that cheerful person next to you has a lot to cry about.

I smile a lot. I like to smile because smiling makes me look young. Now I may sound like a spastic jackass talking like that but I wonder how much I can suppress in me. I wonder how much can I handle before I'll blow up at an unwitting victim or burst an artery in my brain causing a devastating stroke. I wonder why I smile..

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