Wednesday, November 16, 2005

| continuation : except the CF of the sem

Woke up today with a massive hangover. Last night's double-dose of the obvious Black & White 2 and some spin-chilling F.E.A.R. action was almost a little too much than I could've handled. Note-to-self : No strategy and horror/action games before sleep. Thankfully, my trusty handphone alarm did its wonders and somehow, really somehow, I woke up. Yea~ Nothing beats the morning wake up call of the 2nd day of semester, and.. *suspense* THE FIRST CF OF THE SEM!! Now that's something anyone can look forward to.

I've already skipped two of my night classes yesterday to go for music practice and today, just to attend the grand first CF meeting of the semester. If I'm making it sounds as if it's a big hype, you're absolutely right - it IS a big hype. For crying out loud! It's the first CF of the lousy short semester! The only thing worth looking forward to in every semester - CF. Now that's what I call a good promo.

Now waking up with that kinda thought hanging in your mind can do wonders to your mood for the entire day. I mean, I wasn't even pissed when my bike's front tyre was flat when I was about to leave for my 10am class that's gonna start in about 10 minutes. Was I angry? Noooo.. Was I frustrated? Noooo.. No indiano.. Noooo.. In fact, I had the guts enough faith to just pump air and rode like a mad man casually to MMU and walk into the class with a big, wide smile.

And if you think that was weird, as I walked to my bike after 4 hours of lecture, the front tyre was flat, again! But was I pissed? Of course not! No flat tyre's gonna ruin my mood. After all, I'm Mr. Brightside. ahaks~ Took old faithful to Petronas and pump back the air, went back to my taman's regular motorshop and change not only the tube, but I decided to buy a new tyre. Even the dude was gracious in charging me only RM30. It pays to be a regular customer I tell ya.

Later that night..

I was the few first bunch of people gathered at the centre to practice for tonight's worship led by Julian. Songs on the list, Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Reflector, Eagle's Wings and another song who's title I've forgotten - I beg your forgiveness, oh ye precious readers. Do not stone poor ol' me. Soon, small groups of peeps, fellow CF'ers still dazed by the one month holiday started walking through the centre's tiny wooden door. 20 minutes later, the whole hall was almost pack. I was really encouraged to see all the CF'ers once again. It's like a huge family reunion. Now I know how Sepiroth felt during his 'Reunion'. ahaks~ Seriously, it was truly a blessing to play for God today. It felt good being immerse in His glorious presence. Can't wait to skip next week's Tuesday night class. ahaks~

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