Sunday, November 20, 2005

| where the wind takes you

Dad's back for the weekend. It's his first week over there and it looks like he'll be okay after all. I'm glad he's back and all but there's a slight mini-disappointment lurking in me. So here's the scenario; I've planned what I was gonna do for the whole week and the weekend. Two days later dad called and said he coming back on Saturday evening. My heart was delighted yet at the same time discontented. It's sort of like a mixed emotion with more delight and less discontent, get it? Oh well, guess life's like that.

good post bro

Had late lunch with GerX today due to the dumb reason that I woke up late, missing the CADP sports carnival that gives a free 2 points for every subject this semester *sigh* and didn't go for my discussion with my FYP comrades that was to be discussed during the carnival. Guess my tiredness has grown to a new level. Usually, I would be awaken by any alarm-like noise, ranging from ring tones to the ever pesky beeps. But these days I can be so tired as to sleep through those alarm like today. Scary.

lets make this a great noc

I dunno why I've been having this tense feeling on my shoulders since the week started. And the Dare You To Move by Switchfoot song, "the tension is here.. the tension is here.." doesn't give much help either. But seriously, it's beginning to bother me a great deal. For crying out loud like-a-baby-with-his-finger-stuck-in-a-meat-grinder, it's only the first week! So what's up with this feeling?! Is there someone who would give me a shoulder without me asking? *sigh* I need one badly.

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tension sia..

note : tension could've been caused during process of getting this all-wind-suite during mah jong session with family

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