Friday, November 04, 2005

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Wow.. I haven't been updating for quite some time already. Heck, I don't have much to update anyway. Have some sad news and well, some good news. Actually, there isn't any "good" news per-say but still, it's news.

Rumours of old family and friend, Trial the Big-Bad-Python-Thingie going to be sold to a cousin of the Liu family known only by his alias, Jimmy is confirmed true. Owner and PETA activist Aaron (Gaylord) Liu refused to comment and his father, Thomas (The Don) Liu, godfather and head of the Liu Family couldn't be reached by press as he sat calmly in his black 1969 Mercedes. It was said that youngest brother Andrew (WontdieonE) Liu was away on an important bodyguard mission, assuring the safety of anonymous GerX to The Terminal as she leaves for her hometown, Sleepy Hollow Town S-ban of the Ninth State.

In other news, the Liu Family has two new additions to their collection of the wild and weird exotic pets. Our reliable source, The Little Blue Bird was able to confirm a transaction between older brother Aaron (Gaylord) Liu and the exiled PETA member, Master-Bassist NZX. We have audio and photo evidence of Gaylord handing a clip of unknown amount of Euro currency to NZX. Police believes that the NZX was selling two Super-Hairy Tarantulas to Gaylord in exchange for the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Despite the photo evidence, Gaylord refused to comment and acknowledge it was him in the toilet with NZX that day.

Stay tune later for a special interview with WontdieonE as he comment on his covert-op mission in Nevada.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

We're back now at Studio XX Jalan Chengal 4 with Andrew (WontdieonE) Liu.

Anchorman : So, Mr WontdieonE, is it okay if I refer to you as Andrew? WontdieonE seems a little long to say though the words are concatenated together.

Andrew : No.

Anchorman : I see.. I heard you just came back from accompanying GerX to The Terminal. Were you able to ensure her safety 100%? The war on terror is on the rise even as we speak.

Andrew : Me is WontdieonE. WontdieonE protect sexy lady very well. No one go near sexy lady when me is near. Me slap your ass.

Anchorman : I'm sorry? Did you just say-

Andrew : Me slap your ass. Slap it hard. Like rock. Slap like rock.

Anchorman : Oookay.. Well, thank you fo-

Andrew : Gaylord will slap your ass too. He slap ass harder than me. All your ass belong to him. Gaylord slap your ass hard.

Anchorman : Enough with the a-

Andrew : Ooo yea. He will love you long time. You can do it! You can do it long time!

Anchorman : And that's it for tonight. SECURITY!!

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

What in the world am I doing 4 in the morning when I have work at 8.30am?!


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mark c. said...


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