Monday, November 07, 2005

| when spanking is good for the kids

Remember how when we were young? Back then we were often refered to as 'little devils'. Well, when I was just a cute (and im still cute) little boy, grinning ear to ear as often as you can imagine, my dad use to call me siau kuei which means 'small ghost' or 'small demon' in chinese. My brother got no better - he was ta kuei aka 'big ghost'. Fitting no? But I assure you, now that we're all grown up and all, we're more like angels than devils. ahaks~

im stopping work this wednesday.. YAY!!

Was checking out my old pictures taken by my handphone and decided to repost a few of the *ahem* interesting ones. Enjoy ya?

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two days after i broke my lil' toe nail..

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..while coming out from shower

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