Saturday, November 26, 2005

| knowing is as fun as walking it

When the Path Of Neo ends, a new Fable is made. In short, I'm done with the Path Of Neo game. Yea. And now I'm into Fable ; The Lost Chapters. Cool~

Here's a kind review of the game Path Of Neo. *ahem*
Memorable scenes and easy combos that produces cool moves. Corny at many a times (which is quite funny to me). Fighting dozens of Agent Smiths never seemed so satisfying. Slightly different storyline and lousy ending - real lousy.

The path of The One is a dangerous and deceiveful one.
Pain and healing, love and hatred, emotions
that governs the flow and ebb of a sound mind.

And now, back to my FYP project. *sigh*


NoShitSaint said...

Fable is a tad too short. But the interface is nice and I get to be a bisexual character. :D

WontdieonE said...

ahhh.. vince.. you've always liked the bisexual side of you, no?

NoShitSaint said...



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