Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Hi everybody. Meet Benjamin Loh. You can call him Ben whenever you see him. Born in '86, has a cute girlfriend and stays with her in a rented house in Bukit Beruang. Recently finished his Diploma in Information Technology and now currently majoring in Security Technology. I mentioned him and his awesomely big master bedroom that he pays RM400+ every month before on my blog but I can't seem to find the url... never mind.

i've never seen a guy..

Just a couple of days ago my course-mates and I met up to discus our assignments and other matters. Ben, seeing that we had a lot of free time till our next lecture starts, played a movie for us to watch. It's a famous movie that many people have seen and come like and at the same time, fear. I'm talking about The Grudge 2, its Japanese name, Ju-On which translates as a grudge so the title makes sense. Yea.

even children aren't let loose

The funny thing about Ben is the fact that though he was the one who switched on the show, he's terribly terrified watching it. Throughout the whole show, he was hugging his pillow very tightly, waiting for the moment when Kayako or Toshio showed up and he'll cover his face with the pillow, screaming his lungs out.. And no, I ain't kidding ya. I've never, and I say NEVER seen a guy scream watching a horror movie before. A shout is acceptable due to the surprise but a scream, a constant scream? Now that's just sad.


See, I ain't pulling your leg. Thank goodness we weren't at the cinema. heh~ The even more funnier thing is that his girlfriend was calm and didn't even flinch at the sight of them ghost whereas Ben kept kicking his chair further and further from the screen. Can't blame him though. Having friends around to keep his scare-O-meter up in the critical zones didn't really help him. ahaks~ Thanks Ben, you the made show even more interesting for me.

yo kayako.. there's something on ur face..

I've been a closet fan of horror movies. Closet because I can't watch them with my friends less think of me anymore sadistically worse then they already do. For the record, I ain't a sadist!!


Yea, so like horror shows. Ringu or The Ring, The House of Wax, Ju-On, The Saw, Shutters (some thai film but gooood) etc, etc. Among my favourite horror films are always those with the creepy long hair pale girl that didn't shampoo her hair for over 100 years. That's why I enjoyed playing the game F.E.A.R. too. But what I enjoy even more are spoofs. If ever a person is scared after watching horror movies, I've always encouraged them to watch the spoof version of it to kill of any fear. Of course, the most famous of all horror spoofs; Scary Movie. Though it's a little crude here and there (pfft~ americans) it serves well as an antidote. Fighting the ghost from The Ring as she comes out from the TV. Kayako falling down the stairs. Hahaha~ Good times.

Who wanna watch horror movies with me?



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