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It seems where ever I go, the fun will never end. It's like my life is full of energy sucking activities, one after another and though it's kinda tiring and all, I thoroughly enjoy it. It's the purpose and the pleasure of serving God that keeps me going on and on and on. Loads of coffee and getting sugar-high helps too though. heh~

its like a highway-storm simulation

It all began last Friday evening. It rained more heavily than usual and mom was rushing to fetch me to church music practice. It's a good practice not to be late for practice. Earlier that day I was supposed to help tutor my course-mates on Discrete Structure but alas, the sunny day made us loose our studying spirit. Need For Speed: Carbon and Maple Story dominated.

someone took this picture with my phone without my knowledge!

But it's okay, I look cool either way. ahaks~ Jo-l worship lead and it was truly a great time of worship. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be filled, pumping with energy to go all out for God once again. I guess I've already talked about it in my previous post but still, it's always good to talk about worship and God rather than gossip about who's cuter or handsomer *koff*, etc etc.

a must go, location : nearby calvary life assembly

Went to this really nice mamak stall. Well, they aren't exactly mamaks but hey, the word has become a trend. Anyway, their specialty is supposed to be burgers with apple slices inside. Yea~ Apple slices. Imagine the grease of burgers with the sweet/sourness of apples. Gross eh?

i cant believe i woke up at 7am!!

Woke up early the next morning. I'm not really a morning person and so the feat of me waking up so early clearly deserves a standing ovation. *APPLAUSE!* Ate the previous night's mini-sugar donuts for breakfast and washed up.

it drizzled as we walked to yac

thankfully ju-ju picked GerX and i up

What's suckier than feeling stoned in the morning? Forced to walk to YAC as it drizzled WHILE feeling stoned. Thankfully, Ju-Ju picked us up along the way and I manage to get some coffee before leaving for the mission trip.

drivers: eddy marky timmie

After slightly more than 30 minutes drive and with the directions of Ps Joseph, we finally reached the Christian centre in Kampung Jus. After exchanging introductions, we had a short worship session and then we prayed for the mission trip that the work of God be done according to His will. While fellowshipping, we were roughly briefed about the situation in that kampung and what's the work that's being done there too. More pics:

Jus Chapel - certified by NECF

there's takamine acoustic, b.c. rich axe but no drums


drinking milo and eating biscuits

louis playing the takamine. cool factor: 6/10

john playing the takamine, left-handed. cool factor: 9/10

yes, this is timmie's driving

timmie is a tribe fan? ewww~

After another long drive, pass my kampung in Asahan, at the intersection between the kampung and the waterfall, we touched down and parked the vehicles as it's impossible for the two Iswaras to climb up the hill to the taman and pastor strictly said, "Don't use my car to climb up the hill!". Oh well, they brought a Land Rover. Suweeet~

riding the land rover

up the foot hill of Gunung Ledang

It's definitely every big boy's dream; to own a 4x4 and go nuts. Going up the hill in a Land Rover always give me the kicks. If there's one small, minor thing I like about mission trips to orang asli settlements are the 4x4s. heh~ I felt very at home up there. The whole place smells like home alright. The only difference is that there are no kids running around half-naked in their shorts.

tim and ed doing some inventory checking

visiting the village people leaderman

leaderman who's ancestors came from china (speaks good hokkien)

While the girls and a few others waste little time and helped with the cooking, the rest of us including myself went to visit the village chieftain to pay our respects and to say, "Yo, sup' dude?". Kidding. The headman's a really cool dude with lots of stories to tell. He's the fourth generation of leaderman family-line. His ancestors came from China and he's actually under Hang Jebat's bloodline. Now THAT'S cool. Oh yea, he has 50 grandkids. World!


Later as the older peeps do their bible study with Ps Joseph. We handled the kids, singing songs, telling stories, playing games, etc. Mark led the songs. The kids were initially quite shy but they opened up a little later. Elaine told them the story of how Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loafs of bread and 2 nemos. Q&A with correct answers were given fabulous prizes. I lead the games with the Tree, Squirrel, and Andrew Liu Earthquake. After having lunch and cleaning up the hall me messed up, we headed back to Jus Chapel where they treated us with Bubur Kacang. Touched down in Melaka around 5pm feeling super tired.. but my day doesn't end there.

lucius! i cant see joooo!

ol' faithful

Later at 7.30pm we had a practice for the Cantata but this time, the musicians and the singers practiced together as a whole. Overall, on the music side, I felt that we kinda slacked a bit. We did much better the last time but I guess everyone was tired last night. The choir ran out of tune in a few SATB songs. hehe~ Super funny. Ended practice with a good blast with the finale song, Sing Noel.

i didn't set up the christmas tree this year..

ZX was kind enough to send home after eating dinner/supper. When I reached home, I was greeted by a beautifully lit Christmas tree and it made me realize that I miss setting up the Christmas tree again this year. Gotta wake up early for chinese service tomorrow. Oh well, good nite peeps~

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