Tuesday, December 12, 2006

| paper at 8pm

Subject : Discrete Structure

Time : 08:00pm

Venue : Main Hall

Location : Multimedia University (Melaka)

Topics Covered : Topic 1 - 12

Level of Difficulty : 7/10

Level of Confidence : 1 < x < 10, x is a real number

Studied : None

Last Words : I wanna thank my momma, my pappa, and my good brother for encouragement and support. My 3 beautiful wives and my lovely girlfriend for giving me melody. Brothers and sisters in Christ, CF and church family to stand beside me. All my friends and family members for being who you are. Dearest friend for 'giving me her luck and intelligence' and many more. To God, for everything. This is good bye.

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Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Hope that my luck and intelligence really helped u last night. Hehee.. Hopefully can get grade A for that. Haha.. =P
-shu lin-

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