Monday, December 18, 2006

| how well did we tata? part 1

Quite a lot happened within the past 3 days and I have a lot to write about. Yay? First off, I'd like to congratulate all those who were in one way or another involved in the cantata event for the really great performance that I believe served its purpose well; to bless the city of Melaka. Great job everyone.

twinzies with the wrong twins

Now, back track 2 days ago. Friday was a seriously wild day for me. Wild as in a semi-positive wild kinda wild, ya know? Remember Ee Jin? My good ol' buddy from NS? Yea, him. He invited me to play some badminton with him and his pals. He gave me an offer I can't refuse. So on Friday, 4pm we headed to the badminton hall along Jelutong. With no warm-up, I smashed my way through a series of matches. How little I know of the consequences that I shall face.

after some close observation,
jingles and joash DO have a lot in common

this baby is on my Christmas Wish-list

Later that evening, after attending baby Aidan's 1-year-old birthday party I headed for practice at Pahlawan Mall for the first time. Sadly, this was the first time I've ever stepped into this building. For a Malakan, that's quite sad but alas, priorities ate up much of my time. There were these dudes from Big Event that's handling the P.A. and sound systems and it seems they provided all of us with amps - a damn good one too. That Fender Amp is definitely on my wish-list. No monnie, no lurve.

juju and the snowman

deric's keyboard ran away with shih wen

satb's on the stage

shout-out to Justyne for helping me take those pics

nicely arranged stage

we are called, 'The Band'

We came and waste little time in setting up our equipment. It's 10pm, customers are ushered out of the complex and we have only less than 2 hours to practice. Lucius made some changes in the positioning of the SATBs, sopranos are on the lower stage, while altos are sandwiched between tenors and bass'. No, not the fish. Sound check wasn't really that good. There was much lacking and loads to rant about. With our amps all miked in, the sound coming out of the main wasn't up to expectation and the quality had the band wishing for SKH to jump in, but alas, we figured we'd give the Big Event people a chance to sort it out.

beautiful wife of mine

PG165 going through their songs

prayer is a necessity in every Christian's life

i have no clue as to what lucius is trying to imply.. hmmm~

We ran through only a few songs then it was time for us to hand the stage over to PG165 to do their own practice and sound-check. We got to catch a sneak peak of the songs they're gonna play the coming Sunday. All carols but different in style. They're also gonna play 2 or 3 songs from Mercy Me's Christmas Sessions. Mercy Me rocks my stereotypical idea of Christmas carol. Cool stuff.

the latest practice ever recorded in CCC history

Though we were done in Pahlawan Mall around after 1am in the morning. A few of us had to stay back in CCC to practice for the coming Sunday's chinese and english services. By then, most of us were dead tired but Jason Leong did quite a good job in giving us some laughs. Never have I hear him asking me to play LOUDER and more ROCK as he wanted this Sunday's service to be more RADICAL.

Wait.. That's not Jason! Where's the real Jason you impostor. ahaks~

There were some good laughs but alas, even before the end of the practice, most of us were out of energy and in walking-slumber mode. Soly and Andrea was sleeping most of the time. Can't blame them though. I too couldn't play with all my heart as I couldn't concentrate that night. Sorry Jason. Crazy day huh?

even Jo-L was battered


Anonymous said...

Nice stage and decorations.
Really wish i can be there. Hehee..
-shu lin-

WontdieonE said...

yea~ i wish u were there too~ :D it was cool~

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