Saturday, December 09, 2006

| soooo busy

It's a busy semester and everyone's already feeling the heat. Midterm's around the corner and yet the responsibilities and commitments are stacking up one another. I do realize that I've been saying that "I'm busy" for quite sometime now though to many others, it might seem just like any other semester. I wonder if I feel this way due to that really long 3 months holiday I had. Oh yea, I just came back from church's music practice.

warning: this post holds no pics

A coursemate of mine who reads my blog told me that I post too many pictures and that it takes a long time to load. Two possibilities; either their Suxmyx connection is like mine, or that I really do have too many pictures in my photobucket account that's being linked to this blog. Wonder if I should cut down on the pics? Hmmm...

but it's just one post.. no worries

Music practice was fun. Had a really, really good time worshipping God tonight (or was it last night?). I haven't had this experience in a while. I guess you can say that I've made myself too busy and have not given God the worship due to Him. I'm wrong and at fault. Gonna change that aspect sooner than later. heh~ As a musician, I pray that God will accept my offering of worship and I pray that I can bring His people into His presence this Sunday. It's gonna be fhhuuuuun~

i like to show people what my eyes see

On Saturday morning, 8am. A team of 14 people will be heading to the orang asli settlement somewhere in the legendary Mount Ledang. Unfortunately, Styne couldn't make it as he has other priorities. I hope he doesn't stretch himself too thin. Anyway, we're gonna do what we do best in mission trips - go nuts serve the people and spread Christ's love. No worries. As tempting as it is, I won't join the kids running around in their shorts. We should be back on the same day around 5pm. Do pray for us ya? Nite peeps~

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