Tuesday, December 05, 2006

| panic at the convo

Dunno whether anybody noticed or not so.. Hey! Have you noticed that the quality of the pictures I've been posting are better? No? Shame on you!

if the old don't go, the new won't come

So yea, I've been using two phones for the past 2 weeks; the new one used solely for the purpose of taking pictures while the other one functions as a mobile phone - like how it was intended to. I guess the difference between a 0.6 megapixel camera and a 1.3 megapixel camera is dead-cut clearly live-patch.... moving on.

yea, they are twins alright

It's like watching a kid unwrapping a gift going all nuts and hyper with his new found toy. That's me. All trigger happy, snapping at whatever I deemed interesting, people, places, and faces - my face. There's nothing like the feeling of making a fool out of oneself in front of a large crowd. I like making people laugh, so here.

major turn-off for chicks here

Was glad that I had this phone during Deric's farewell in CF. Took some good pictures here and there. Somehow, most of the pictures I take are of objects rather than people. It's like when I take a picture of an inanimate object, it comes to life in my computer.. with the help of photoshop of course.

we're all missing you deric.. in a non-gay way

So once again, the title of the post has no relation to the content of the post whatsoever. I've gotta stop making that a habit else innocent people suffer from insanity.

why buy a RM1k+ gundam model when
you can get one for RM20 at 7/11?

Malaysia's 7/11 is a real sad case. Apart from the occasionally refreshing Slurppies they are nothing more than that Mesra at Petronas. Heck, isn't selling those stuff illegal? If ain't, then it's a real low blow to all 7/11s around Malaysia. It's like a downgrade from a (very) convenience shop to the pasar malam where these toys sell like hot cakes during fasting month. Singapore's 7/11 sells liquor and wine. Sweeet~

clearer than the last time a took a pic like this

Oh yea, another feature I like about my new toy is its camcorder function. It's reasonably clear and it captures the sound not to bad too. Once, at band camp while riding to my MMU, I took a 50 second recording of the front view of my bike as I weave through the traffic. Cool.

me wanna go kl to see fren fren!!

I'm outta words already so here are 2 more pics. Please do forgive me for the lack of inspiring and creative post these days. Assignments and midterms are catching up on me. Good nite peeps~

life-safer during lectures

i've always liked the sun rising and setting

Yea, I'm a sentimental person.

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