Sunday, December 03, 2006

| oh, the christmasy feeling

My, my. In a blink of an eye it's already December and in another blink, it'll be final exam and it's such a beautiful month eh? The whole worlds preparing for the drawing end of another year with loads of shopping, parties and gatherings, countdowns and of course, prayer and carols. But there's still a whole bunch of events that's happens in December, some we might or might not know.

* Hanukkah
* World AIDS Day (December 1)
* Sinterklaas in The Netherlands (December 5)
* Naksi in Kazakhstan (December 5)
* Independence Day in Finland (December 6)
* Pearl Harbor Day in the United States (December 7)
* Día de la Madre en Panamá, Mother's day in Panama. (December 8)
* Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, or Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe,
    in Mexico (December 12)
* Saint Lucy (December 13)
* Zamenhof Day (December 15)
* The solstice called the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere
    and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere occurs on dates
    varying from 20 December to 22 December (in UTC).
* In the pagan wheel of the year the summer solstice is the time of
    Litha and the winter solstice is that of Yule.
* Christmas Eve (December 24)
* Christmas (December 25)
* Boxing Day (December 26)
* Kwanzaa (December 26 to January 1)
* Philippines - Rizal Day (December 30)
* New Year's Eve (December 31)

a picture taken by edmund during cg.. hmmm..

Dig that~

chillin in the rain eh, buddy?

Among other things that goes on and on in December, is the rain from November. It's a joke. Laugh, now. Seriously, I guess it's safe to say that this year's December is as busy as ever, just like last year except that it's a short semesters this year around. *sigh* So many things to do and yet so little time. Feeling a little pressured but no biggie. Wonder if anyone else's feeling the same way as I.

initial d's starbucks advert

No. Kancils can't drift and for the sake and the pride of Malaysia, don't do it. It's already bad enough people are using Iswaras and Wiras that are FWD to try to drift, I ain't staying around to see Kancils do the same, though I would really like to see a Proton Juara crash and turn turtle. heh~ Gotta hate that car/van/nonsense.

some gift store in front of UG.. i wonder
who put that sticker there.. it ain't me

I've been thinking about shopping for Christmas presents. In the previous years, while I was still in Gateway, I would buy some gifts and gave them to my beloved brothers and sisters there. Would stand like some numbnut staring into the gift shop wondering what each of them would like to have. Spend my cash like water in those days. These days I'm getting broke and tight so yea, I wonder what I could get for my beloved brothers and sisters in CF. Yes, I'm talking about you.

nice reflective shade of black eh?

A friend of mine, GY, called up earlier asking me if I knew any place that sells scorpions. We had quite an interesting conversation..

ME: Yea, there's a shop in Melaka Raya larr, nearby Sydney 2000 there.
GY: Oh, I think I know where.
ME: But, why you wanna go so far leh? MMU got a lot of people selling also you know.
GY: Yameh??
ME: Abie? You know Zhen Xin? The big dude in CF? Jason's band's bassist?
GY: Ya?
ME: He also selling lee~ He got farret also last time.
GY: Serious arr? I know one guy in MMU named NZX that sells these stuffs larr.
ME: He's ZX larr. Zhen Xin, ZX. Kan sama?
GY: Hahahaha~ Really arr? Kena konn~
ME: My dad and bro also selling you know.
GY: Waa~ How come suddenly everyone's selling scorpions?
ME: They like the feeling of getting stung by one. Gets them high.
GY: Ya right. What type species your father has?
ME: The type that doesn't kill you.
GY: Funny. Later I come your house can?
ME: Can, can. I'll call you when I'm home. Now I tengah driving.
GY: K. Cauz~
ME: Cauz dude~

It sounds funnier when you listen to it though, reading it doesn't really catch the joke of it all. Later that night GY came to my house and bought 3 juvenile scorpions for a good price. He was kinda happy. Hmmm~ Maybe I should give scorpions and tarantulas as Christmas presents! OOooooo~

a jolly good december it will be

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