Saturday, February 03, 2007

| you gotta love the fellowship

i miss my fyp days.. hehe~

I believe I can safely say that one of the best things about CF, is God, and the other is the fellowship we have with each other. Now, when I say fellowship I don't mean the 'Frodo & Sam' kind of fellowship - that's just not right. Tim might beg to differ though. heh~

forgot to take pictures of us bowling so this will do

Thursday night was a great start for CF this semester. It was lepak CG and most of the CGs went out to do some fun exciting activities. Others, like my CG, did more exciting stuff - we went bowling. heh~ It was a great time of fellowship for the Ish-Ish CG and Shih Wen's CG. Lucius tagged along too though 'she' wasn't around. *koff*

picture this; hot, sweaty, delicious, hunks of firemen

Another rather interesting thing that we saw that night was this car that burning. Created quite a ruckus as a bunch of sweaty-hot firemen came to kill the flames. Well, I didn't actually witness the incident, only saw the outcome of it. Kinda pity the owner though, it was a new car. Bet his mom won't be letting him drive anytime soon. hehe~ No one knew who the culprit was but we had our guesses..

no. (insert value) victim of the serial thingie


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