Thursday, February 01, 2007

| justin lee is married!!

Nah, not really but it'll be one heck of a good laugh if he ever do get married. haha~ No offence buddy. I'd put VJ's name but he's much bigger (perimeter) than me. heh~ I'm so asking for trouble.

i wonder if anyone asked whose number plate is that

It's a late Wednesday midnight.. or an early Thursday morning, and though CF was on Tuesday, I guess it ain't too late to talk about it here. After all, we did have an interesting forum about deep fried stuff that's happening within our community today. Pastor Joanne did try to crack us up with discriminative jokes but we were hard to please. Alas, her last one about Jacky Chan and Steven Spielberg hit the mark. heh~ All in all, we had 6 topics and a whole bunch of CFers eager to discuss it. The topics were (if remembered correctly):

1)Exogamy & something-something
- inter-racial marriages

- exclusive people who think they're exclusive

3)Xenophobia (my group topic.. heh~)
- fear of foreign stuff/people

4)Rape (one of the most interesting topics i feel)
- The Penal Code: Section 375 or here

5)The Holocaust
- bad historical event

6)Homo-sexuality (i think that's the topic.. not sure tho..)
- same-sex liking

"to understand a rapist, one must think like a rapist.."
- MMUCF President, Justin Lee

Within the boundaries of these topics, three things were discuss;
1)why does it happen?
2)how does it affect the community/relationships?
3)what can be done about it?

justin's like a snapping turtle waiting for its prey..

So there you have it. A couple of deep stuff that requires a good amount of neuro-exercising for our Pentium 3 brains. heh~ In the end we covered a good deal of what we discussed and presented it to the CFers, hoping that they might somehow benefit from it. After all, these are real issues the world faced or is currently facing today.

not related to wings cafe in melaka raya

On Wednesday morning, things started early for me as I woke up at 8am just to have breakfast and attend a workshop that P.J. had requested a few specially-selected individuals from CCC to attend. The workshop was about the teen ministries and how to reach out to them, counsel them, and help them get their footing right in life. The facilitator, Ms Yammy was very sugar-high and did well in bringing the message across to us owl-people who aren't normally found awake in that hour. Oh yea, lunch was nice too. heh~

i sooooo wanna test it.. but didn't.. *regret*

Gotta crash peeps. It's 4.30am and I'm tired as ever. See ya in CGs. Nitez~

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The Laughing God said...

And do you know how a rapist's mind works?

Or for that matter, an SS guard's at Auschwitz?

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