Monday, February 05, 2007

| reminder to self : sleep early next time

I haven't been sleeping enough lately. I can't tell if its the sound of my neighbour's dog barking, the mating cats in the alleyway or the things that are going on in my mind, which stretches on forever. Well, maybe not forever but certainly long enough.

i hope im not too demanding.. just a thought

Friday's practice proved to be rather well. Though few in numbers we were, Sunday's worship was good and the people were rather energetic with the praise song. Lucius did a good job indeed. Which brings me to my next point. I think I'm gonna start training people to play the electric guitar and maybe.. just maybe, the acoustic too. But the electric is for people who already know how to play the guitar of course. It'll be more of training them to control that power within the frets and humbucklers.

pak putra rockin the boat

As a Malaccan who's trained and highly skilled in the art of 'best place to eat in Melaka', it'll be a definite crime if I don't mention how Pak Putra's naan breads rock the foundations of Melaka. Seriously. Sweeping both the Best Naan Award and the Creative Naan Award by, these dudes know how to make their naans. Having dinner there was the best choice ever after a good Friday night practice.

the pic might not look like much but you can take my word for it,
this is da' shiet

Initially I was going to order my usual, double cheese garlic naan when something suddenly caught my attention. From the corner of my eyes, I peered into the menu and found this; butter naan. Yea, butter naan! When one hears the word melting butter, one instinctively drool all over their pants thus ruining their chance to tackle that hot guy/girl they've been after forever. So I immediately changed my order to double cheese butter naan just to see if I could cause another flood.

The verdict?

It's seriously, unbelievably, no-denying, inevitably, the best naan I've ever tasted in my life. With the melting cheese squirming in your mouth as you chew while the warm butter seeps into the diabolical diabetical depths of your taste-buds. Seriously man, it's a bitter-sweet crime to spread butter on top of a naan and let it melt all over. Jingles said it was food-pawrn which was followed by a well deserved pause from everyone around him. Alas, VJ decided to start a little fund raising for poor souls like lil' Jingles. It's called Vijay Raj's Foundation For The Special People and guess who their foreman is?


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