Wednesday, February 07, 2007

| ain't that epic.. at all.. *sigh*

I'm a man and men in general - as in, really general don't real experts in cooking. Good ol' traditional men would leave their slaves wives to do the cooking, cleaning and washing for them while they go to work, come back with cash, and sit in front of the tv with a beer and the remote in hand.

i can say that i'm 'safely' in the middle

it has been in my fridge for more than a year.. heh~

Though many people would disagree that deep-fried is a form of cooking, I guess everyone has their own opinion. To me, as long as I get my belly full, it's cookin'. Watching shows on Travel & Living helps a big bunch and though I ain't no pro in cooking, I know I'll never starve to death.. I hope.

cantata'ism feeling

Went to MP after church on Sunday to catch a movie with Rebecca, Kay Lyn and Shin Dee. It was quite spontaneous actually. Didn't plan for it at all. Why? Because they said they were gonna watch a show that was on my Top 10 To Watch list. And why is it on my Top 10 list? Because it's a spoof and spoofs are always on my Top 10 list. heh~.

Shin Dee's a kiut girl.. still single.. while stocks last

While waiting for the girls to come I went to check out my dad at Starbucks. Got myself a sweet Venti Iced 4 Shots Espresso 3 Pumps Vanilla Latte. A long order for the one who luuurves his coffee. Gotta admit, 3 pumps of Vanilla syrups not enough to balance the 4 shots of espresso. Will go for 5 or 6 pumps next time. Kay.. I'll stop talking about coffee..


Yea, we went watch Epic Movie. It's a show that parodies all the more 'serious' movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, The Harry Potter film series, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, X-Men: The Last Stand, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nacho Libre, Snakes On A Plane, Mission Impossible 3, Superman Returns the Star wars series, and Borat.

speaks a lot doesn't it? hehehe~

By the names of the movies they're parodying, one would assume that it'll be a funny show, riiiight? Well, it's funny. Just not that funny. Actually it's very disappointing. I had really high hopes for this show as it's the same dudes who made Scary Movie, and Scary Movie is hella funny. Epic Movie just doesn't cut it - not even a bit. If Scary Movie is 8/10 of the funny meter, Epic Movie is like, 1.5/10. Yea~ It's that bad and disappointing.

Thank goodness I watched it with fun people. After all, it's not what you do, it's who you do it with. Remember that well peeps~ Nite!

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Anonymous said...

umm.. I am just wondering are those "hotdogs" and... are ur work???
hehee.. umm.. if that's the case, then i can say that u need some more time for improvement. haha..
by the way, my latest blog is a bit cacat due to time constraint. haha.. ok. take care ya. =)
-shu lin-

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