Wednesday, February 14, 2007

| the ghost of the past me

I doubt it's gonna be a great Valentine's Day for me, unfortunately.

No. This has nothing to do with GerX. It's about me. Yea.. me.

The day was going so smoothly till the night class came and man did it kill my mood for today, tomorrow, and the next couple of days if things don't go well.

I'm not gonna talk about what killed my mood. No point in doing that. Just that the past few days wasn't that great for me. In fact, last week I had a streak of surprisingly good days.. till the weekend came. Then the next day just got worse.

I'm happy guy. I think that's pretty obvious. To be precise, I'm at the border-line of happy and nuts. But I wasn't always like that.. You see, I used to be a bad person. A really bad person. So much so if you'd see me in the past, you wouldn't recognize me. Yea, that bad.

And what transpired the past few days seems to be making my old self creep back. The emotion known as anger has never wandered into my heart for a couple of years already - seriously. But recently, it's poison is sipping in again.

I'm fear it.. that anger. *sigh* so frustrating..

the path of my past is only a few steps away..

I pity GerX..

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