Thursday, June 07, 2007

| well rested and work readied

The four days of holiday proved to be better than I initially expected. In fact, it seemed better than the previous ones. It's either I've been sniffing excessive bread dough or my brain's running on the positive-attitude switch. I'm putting my bets on the latter.

hope not and you won't be disappointed

Gloria is extra happy during the holidays because she gets to spend more time with us. To be precise, it's because we get to spend more time with her. Picture a typical farmland, Lassie standing tall over the hill as the sun casts the morning shadow. She sprints, chasing the stick you just threw and brings it back, jumping unto you as the both of you roll down the hill on the green, green grass of home..

..but in reality, it'll hurt if you'd roll down here

Went to KL with GerX, GerXlilBro, and Joachim, our tour guide. For a junior, he's a pretty fun guy to hang out with and to poke fun at. He showed us the local chill out cafe for minors where he used to hangout during his high school life. We went to Wan/1 Utama, and IKEA. Got to know him better throughout the two days and his affinity for minors and we had fun. Yea~ Fun.

im no pedo

GerXlilBro took us to.. well, karaoke as GerX said she has never been to one before. Sang plentiful of songs, displayed our amazing ability to embarrass oneself, and poke fun at oldies. No karaoke session is complete without a good dose of Michael Learns To Rock Even Though They've Been Around Since 1988.

paint my love.. you should paint my love..
it's a picture of a thousand Andrews~

We loiter around Wan/1 U as GerX was busy shopping for things that I have no interest in whatsoever as I have zit for fashion sense. Anyway, initially GerX and I wanted to have dinner at Sakae Sushi restaurant at The Curve but according to Jo, there's a really good sushi buffet restaurant in Wan/1 U for RM50 per-person. Sushi? Buffet? RM50 only?! What followed was pretty obvious.

say hello to my little shogun ~ scarface

First impressions were good. They open for dinner at 6.30pm and we headed there right on the dot but there were many people in the restaurant already. From the entrance, the place looks like a 5 star hotel buffet that specializes in Japanese food. With a very, VERY wide variety of Japanese food to stuff yourselves with. Naturally I went nuts and swallowed the whole place up along with the people in it was happy.

pinch me because i must be sleeping

My first round consists of sushis and sashimis. As I took a picture of the plate, a waiter came over and said that I'm not allowed to take pictures of the food. Was kinda shocked and annoyed at first but I complied - I am, after all, synonymous to the word 'gentleman'. But I spared not the food that was laid before me. That pic was only the first round and I had plenty of rounds so much so I felt super-stuffed.

In the perspective of food and eating, I was NEVER as happy I was that night. I was so happy that going to IKEA later that night and Low Yat the next morning to buy a HDD cooler and 1GB DDR2 RAM meant nothing to me. In fact, I'm so happy thinking of it right now that I decided to sell pictures of the CF Committees 07/08 sleeping. Here's a freebie.

look at his face and think sushi

I told myself that I MUST bring people who shares my foodsion (food+passion) for sushi to Shogun one day and together, we shall bask in all that is good and true. Long live Japanese superiority. heh~

In other news

Not many know but it is coming soon..

war.. war never changes..

Ready to pump full-speed ahead~

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