Saturday, June 09, 2007

| lai lai lai! it's cf orientation week!!

Yes, it's the calm before the storm.

A nice storm for that matter.

But actually, no storms are nice so I guess we can't call it a storm..

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday = Alpha Registration days!!
A special group of elite flyer-giver/thrower/force-it-down-your-throat specialist from, *clears throat* The Great Wondrous City Of Malacca (and several imported people) will be out on the prowl, targeting our flyer-related on unsuspecting parents who will most probably be giler worried about sending their kids to university, therefore accompanying them right to the front gate with a tearful, "Take care ya.. *sob sob* AND COME BACK FOR DINNER!!".

Beautiful.. just beautiful.

We're coming for ya, Alphas.. Muahahahahaa~

Just kidding. We love ya all.

pro-tip: enjoy your holiday while you still can~

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