Thursday, June 14, 2007

| orientation for everyone

Orientation. Once again, the few who stayed back and those who came back are.. well, back.. to help.. I guess. I have no idea what I'm saying but I hope it is something cool.


praise : this pic look nice.. granddaughter and grandfather

So far, from Monday to Wednesday we've seen some interesting new Alphas. As usual, some of them were shy and some were.. nah, all of'em were shy bunch. Brought together by various circumstances played out as events of motion that the order of the ebb and flow of time dictates.

statement : people with simultaneous weird faces

Okay. Watching Next gave me that. I love shows that deals with theories of physics especially when it deals with the concept of time dilation, pre-destined paradoxes, etc. This show seems to be, so far, quite flawless in its concept. Sweet.

japanese folklore: debbie's tea stem floating upright = good luck

So yea. Was supposed to talk about Orientation Week so lets see.. Hmmm~ So far the Alphas are giving a good first impression larr and on our side, I hope them Alphas won't get any severely massive culture shock from our nonsense. Seriously.

japanese folklore: lucius's tea stem reverse of debbie's = ??

Today some of the CF'ers can't be at YAC to help out in the evening as we had to go for the Celebration Of Hope training thingie. Mostly CG Leaders and a few church committee members went for the training so expect something interesting happening nearing the end of this year - expect HOPE.

scandal pic : marianne and lucius?! *gasp*

So after giving out flyers from 5.30pm to nearing 6pm. We quickly grab our dinner and headed straight of Calvary Life Assembly. Celebration Of Hope is a movement initiated by Billy Graham, an evangelist and a faithful servant of God, to bring evangelism to homes of Christians.

reference : my HOPE, we ain't no pastors

I ain't no flannel mouth so to get into the whole kit and caboodle will be a heap of words. So I guess ya'll will just havta wait for the whole grand fandango because this stuff is fine as cream gravy. How else to hold a candle to what God has set for us than be in apple pie order for the game and not beat the devil around the stump or pass the buck to someone else. Now that's the Simon pure. Let us all be someone to ride the river with what God has planned for the Badlands Malaysia, ya hear?

we ain't coppering our bets

Okay, where that came, boys, I'm at sea but ya'll can get a twig by checking out this bully site and ya'll might just have a hog-killin' time.

so ya'll build a loop around ya bible, ya hear?

Hehe~ That's rich. Good nite peeps and look forward for a great year of harvest.

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